Mobile NFC, Not Only As Bus Card, But Also With Other Functions

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As the popularity of smart phones has reached the peak in China, more and more functions have been added to it. Smart phones have become an integral part of us. There are many functions on smartphones that are not yet fully popularized, but the future is likely to become a trend. For example, fingerprint recognition has been loaded by a large number of mobile phones. But compared to camera sensors, there are still many products that do not have. In addition, there is a technology that is earlier than fingerprint recognition on mobile phones. That is NFC.

What else can NFC do instead of the bus card and what you can use? I believe most people don't know much about it. Actually NFC has other functions, but you may not have used it. Now let's have a look at some other functions of it.

Information browsing

In fact, a lot of large shopping malls have opened. This mobile phone is close to facilities with NFC function. It can display the current sales promotion information, and achieve public information browsing through near field communication and Bluetooth precise positioning indoor. But this function is just like the data transfer just mentioned. It faces a very serious problem, that is, the function that can be realized through Bluetooth. NFC is just increasing the display channels of these information.

mobile payment

This is also a common function of NFC, and the cash - free shopping model is becoming more and more popular in China. A mobile phone in the hands, eat, drink and play can be easily done. The bank card is placed in the NFC area of the mobile phone, and it can also read the balance of the card, the record of consumption and so on. It is really convenient for the management of the individual's funds.

data transmission

As early as four years ago, the Android 4 era, the NFC function was integrated into the native Android system. The back to back Android Beam near field transmission function only needs two NFC phones to lean together, which can transmit files, photos, or even connect to another Android device. Compared with Bluetooth, a series of pairing steps are omitted, and the operation is quite convenient.

Intelligent label

This is a very common NFC project now, and it's very interesting. By using different labels to put in different places of family, such as desks, tables, sofa armrest and so on, the mobile phone is placed in the corresponding location, it will open different applications into different states, and achieve unmanned scenes. If the conference room table uses special NFC tags, then the mobile phone can automatically enter the DND mute state. This function is similar to the intelligent recognition, which can be used as a part of intelligent life in Home Furnishing. However mobile phone is not the perfect self-recognition technology. It takes a long time on development, and this function can obviously intelligent a part of the scene.

Last update: Jan 08, 2020

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