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RFID Stickers

RFID sticker is generally composed of a surface layer, RFID inlay, adhesive layer, and bottom layer. RFID stickers are an economical choice and easy to use which can directly paste on the object being marked. They are usually used for factory packaging labels, asset labels, clothing labels, and items tags, etc.

XINYETONG can offer RFID stickers in various sizes, crafts, and designs depending on your needs. In a roll or stacked singular? Whether or not printing? Laser code or Printing UV? PVC or Paper? It is also up to you!

The RFID sticker is a kind of RFID tag with an adhesive layer. It can be affixed to the target object and is not easy to fall off so that it can be read by the RFID reader. It is often used in library management, asset management, jewelry management, vehicle identification management, and so on.

It depends on the application. Generally, RFID sticker can be attached to the surface of various materials, like glass, wood, hardboard, plastic, etc. But if you want to stick it on the metal surface, you must choose the Anti-metal RFID sticker.

RFID stickers are attached to objects, waiting for the RFID reader track and read them. When the RFID reader comes into the area, it will activate the chip in the RFID sticker. And the chip will modulate the energy with the desired information and transmit the information back toward the RFID reader.

It is very convenient. You can buy it online or you can contact us directly. We are a professional RFID supplier and manufacturer with 12 years of RFID experience. You only need to tell us what RFID stickers you want or where you want to use it, and we can offer the best solution for you.

The price of an RFID sticker varies according to its material, chip, and process, ranging from 10 cents to $55. Besides, it also depends on the amount of your order. Generally speaking, the more the quantity, the cheaper it is.

RFID sticker for car, also called RFID windshield tag, is usually attached to the front windshield inside of the car-center location of the windshield so that it can be identified remotely.

1、 Product Anti-counterfeiting

NFC sticker, one of RFID stickers, is a new way of anti-counterfeiting traceability. More and more brands prone to attach NFC anti-counterfeit stickers on their products to facilitate consumers to identify and rest assured to buy.

Customers can use the NFC-enable phone to read the NFC sticker and obtain the product’s origin, specifications, production date, manufacturer, and other relevant information, to avoid buying fake and shoddy products.

2、Library Management

RFID stickers are the most important part of the Intelligent Library System. They can be very thin and easy to stick to the book. RFID stickers have a long service, up to 10 years, and have a large data storage capacity that can store identifying information such as a book’s title, author, etc.

Besides, RFID stickers allow RFID readers to find the book quickly and improve the management efficiency of the library as well as convenient for borrowers.

3、Anti-metal Sticker

As we all know, metal can interfere with RFID signals, making ordinary RFID tags unable to work. RFID anti-metal stickers have a special layer that can eliminate the interference and work well on the metal surface.

With this RFID sticker, some applications that required to be used on the metal are not a problem anymore, such as electronic components, vehicle management, etc.

4、Asset Management

Asset management is a complex and very heavy workload. But RFID technology can make it easy and fast. Put an appropriate RFID sticker (according to your application) on the assets that record the details of assets, and you can obtain the information by scan RFID stickers with an RFID reader.

When it comes to asset inventory, you can easily do it because RFID stickers (depend on the RFID chip) support group reading. Besides, RFID stickers for asset management have better security performance to ensure asset security.

5、Smart Advertisement

RFID stickers used for intelligent advertisements are NFC stickers. Smart advertisement is a novel, interesting, and interactive marketing method, which can enhance the interaction between the brand and consumers and improve consumers’ cognition of the brand.

The smart poster is the most common form that integrates RFID technology and traditional advertisement. The RFID sticker is hidden in the poster, and you can scan it and obtain the promotion or activity information.

6、Mobile Interaction

With NFC stickers and an NFC-enable mobile phone, you can do many interesting things, such as share your Wi-Fi password securely, switch navigation mode automatically, create a hotspot for your laptop, set a ring to wake you up, etc.

NFC sticker takes your little cost but can achieve more interesting functions, making your life smart, convenient, and interesting.

7、Jewelry Management

RFID technology has also revolutionized jewelry management, making it more efficient, intelligent, and security. RFID jewelry tags are generally high-frequency tags and UHF tags, with better RF performance and safety performance.

RFID stickers are more durable, secure, and convenient than traditional bar codes. They can be very small, easy to hang on jewelry and have a large capacity to store jewelry related information.

The application of RFID stickers goes far beyond those mentioned above. If you are not sure whether you can use RFID stickers, or if you do not know which RFID stickers are suitable for your application, please feel free to contact us.

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