NTAG215 NFC Blank Sticker

Want an NFC blank sticker with more storage capacity, better RF performance, and higher security? Xinyetong Ntag215 NFC blank sticker is a good choice. This sticker uses Ntag215 chip with 504 bytes of user memory capacity, more security, and stability.

Ntag215 NFC blank sticker is very suited for the applications required for higher security and RF performance, such as NFC smart poster, NFC paymentNFC anti-counterfeiting, etc. At Xinyetong, you will get better quality NFC blank stickers and services at a lower price.


Ntag215 Blank NFC sticker is a kind of high-frequency tag, working on 13.56MHz. It is white without any printing, but it supports for printing that you can print the appropriate art as needed. The Ntag215 chip is the core of this NFC blank sticker, which gives it the vitality of NFC technology, enabling it to achieve many functions, such as access control, social interaction, tracking, payment, etc.


  • 100% compatible with NFC-enabled devices
  • Operating frequency of 13.56MHz
  • Operating range up to 100mm (depending on various parameters)
  • 504 bytes of user data; 540 bytes of total data
  • Can be erased and reprogrammed repeatedly
  • More security and stability
  • 32-bit password authentication, better safety performance
  • Integrated originality signature, providing a simple but powerful product authentication method.
  • Wide application: access control attendance, mobile payments, parking lot, in-store marketing, library, poster, digital multimedia device interaction, etc.


We offer customized services, and you can tell us what kind of NFC blank sticker you need, including chip, size, shape, and other requirements. Here are some common NFC blank stickers as follows.

Available ShapeCommonly Used SizeAvailable Chip
NTAG215 NFC Blank Sticker size:30*3030*30mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216
NTAG215 NFC Blank Sticker size:35*3535*35mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216
NTAG215 NFC Blank Sticker size:45*4545*45mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216


Item NTAG215 NFC Blank Sticker
Chip NTAG215
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Size 3030mm, 3535mm, 45*45mm,etc.
Memory 504 bytes
Reading distance 0-10cm
Write Endurance 100000 times
Working Temperature -25–65℃
Data Retention Time 10 years
Printing Options Silk-screen printing, Laser Engraving, CMYK full color, Pantone, etc.
Crafts Available Logo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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