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What Are RFID Jewelry Tags?

RFID Jewelry Tags born with the development of RFID technology. They are among of RFID tags and have the full advantages of RFID tags. As we all know, RFID tags have three frequencies: low frequency, high-frequency, ultra-high frequency, RFID jewelry tags are generally high-frequency tags, or ultra-high frequency tags.

Every RFID jewelry tag has a globally unique ID code, which records weight, purity, grade, location, and other information of jewelry. Attaching RFID tags to precious jewelry and combining with the jewelry inventory equipment installed on the counter, we can monitor, control and track jewelry at any time to realize the intelligence of quick inventory, real-time tracking, and sales management.

RFID Jewelry Tags VS Traditional Jewelry Tags

Compared with traditional jewelry tags like barcode tags, RFID jewelry tags have the following advantages:

Higher Safety Performance: Every RFID jewelry tag has a globally unique ID number, and the data can be encrypted and not easily tampered with, anti-theft and anti-counterfeit.

Support Multi-tag Reading: That will greatly improve the efficiency of the jewelry inventory.

Long Data Storage Time: Barcode tags have many limitations and are easy to wear, while RFID Jewelry tags rely on the build-in chips, can be any size and shape, and have a long data storage time up to 10 years. Even if the surface is worn, they can still work.

Long Reading Distance: The reading distance of UHF RFID jewelry tags can up to 10m, and it is very convenient when you need to count within a wide range.

RFID technology has revolutionized Jewelry management, making it intelligent and convenient. Although RFID jewelry tag cost much than traditional tag, it is more cost-effective in the long run.


RFID Jewelry Tags are mainly used for jewelry management, such as inventory management, supply chain management, sales data analysis, safety management, etc., in addition to valuable jewelry such as necklace, earrings, bracelets, but also for sunglasses, watches, and other accessories.

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