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HF Jewelry Tag

HF Jewelry Tag, working at 13.56MHz, is mainly used for the identification of jewelry. Each jewelry tag has a globally unique ID number and records the weight, purity, grade, location, warehouse, shelves and other information of the jewelry, which is convenient for the management of jewelry.

Xinyetong HF Jewelry Tags come in many sizes and HF chips and support customization. Welcome to consult!


  • Operating at 13.56MHz
  • Reading distance can reach up to 10cm
  • Strong security and Stability Performance
  • Small size, will not affect the display of jewelry
  • Larger chip capacity options
  • Not easy to be disturbed
  • Multi Size and Material Available


HF Jewelry Tag is widely used in identification and tracking of jewelries like rings, necklaces and ear rings as well as sunglasses, watches, and other accessories.


Xinyetong can offer multiple designs, chips, sizes of jewelry tags to meet your requirements for the tag application.

30x20mm mini HF jewelry tag
36x15mm HF jewelry tag
70x40mm RFID jewelry tag

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