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RFID Cards

RFID cards are a common form of packaging for RFID tags. They are secure, convenient, and durable. They are very suitable for access control, payment, identification, and other applications. According to the frequency, there are three types of RFID cards: 125KHz LF card, 13.56MHz HF card, and 860-960MHz UHF card.

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RFID Card is a smart card with an RFID chip that can transmit data through the radio frequency signals. Depending on RFID technology, it can achieve contactless identification, cashless payment, tracking, and other functions.

RFID cards are much more security, convenient, flexibility, and multifunctional. You can choose different RFID chips, styles to implement different functions for various applications.

According to frequency: RFID cards can be divided into low-frequency cards, high-frequency cards, and UHF frequency cards.

According to materials: There are RFID paper cards, RFID PVC cards, RFID epoxy cards, RFID ABS cards, RFID wood cards, etc.

According to size: Standard cards and Non-standard.

  1. The reader transmits a radio frequency signal through the transmitting antenna. When the RFID card enters the working area of the transmitting antenna, it will be activated.
  2. And then RFID card transmits the information back toward the antenna/reader.
  3. The system antenna receives the carrier signal sent from the RFID card and transmits it to the reader through the antenna regulator. The reader reads and decodes the information and sends it to the central information system for relevant data processing.

RFID cards are widely used in access control management, hotel management, one card management, library management, member management, animal tag, public transportation, parking management, warehouse and supply chain management, etc.

RFID cards come in many varieties, so prices vary, ranging from 10 cents to $55. It depends on the type of RFID card, card process, order quantity, and other factors. If you want to buy some RFID cards, you can contact us. We will give you a reasonable quotation according to what RFID card you want.

It is up to the type of card you have and whether your mobile phone has the NFC capabilities. If your RFID card operates at 13.56 MHz and is not encrypted or locked, the NFC-enable mobile phone can read it. Or you can buy an NFC card directly, which belongs to RFID cards.

1、 Access Control

Access control is the most common application of RFID cards. Compared with the traditional access control system, the RFID access control system has many advantages, such as allowing multiple people passing quickly, recording the information synchronously, having longer service life with more than ten years, and more security and convenience.

When people pass through the gate with the RFID card, the RFID system will automatically collect the information in the card without manual intervention, making access control management more convenient.

Common access control cards usually work on 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz, including RFID keyfob, RFID blank card, or RFID printable card.

2、Hotel Management

RFID card for hotels is not only a key card that we all know. RFID smart card management system can provide fast, comfortable, and safe intelligent services for VIP members in upscale hotels.

Under the RFID intelligence system, every guest has an RFID VIP card, which includes his VIP level, habitual needs, personalized services, etc. For hotels, it can improve customer experience.

For example, the waiter can know the relevant information of the customers by scanning this card, to provide better services for them. For guests, this card can not only open the door but also realize payment and other functions, which is more convenient.

3、Public Transportation

The most direct application of RFID cards in public transportation is the bus card or subway card, which improves the speed of passengers getting on and off or in and out of subway stations.

And RFID traffic cards can be customized according to the needs of different patterns, different styles, and different shapes, and so on. Because it concerns payment, RFID cards for public transport generally use RFID chips with better security performance, which is more secure.

4、Pet Management

RFID epoxy card or RFID keyfob, one of RFID cards, is commonly used in Pet management. This RFID card is small and easy to carry that you can hang it around your pet’s neck. If your pet gets lost, you can track it and retrieve it. Besides, the card chip can also write information about pets, including names, medical diagnosis records, and other data.

5、Visitor Attractions Management

With excellent physical characteristics and powerful information management and anti-counterfeiting functions, RFID ticket cards provide a variety of comprehensive solutions for major scenic spots, such as tickets, annual tickets, sets of tickets, etc.

RFID cards for scenic areas are often made of paper material. It can help scenic spots to improve management efficiency, quickly identify valid tickets, easily set permissions, and achieve multi-use of one card.

6、Campus safety

RFID student card integrates identification, tracking, payment, and other functions in one is a student card, is a payment card, but also a library card, etc. More importantly, it can enable parents and teachers to know students’ information timely and effectively and ensure the safety of their children.

When the student leaves the school gate, the RFID card will actively send the student information to the RFID reader. Then RFID reader will transmit to the RFID campus security system that will record the time of the student’s entry and exit and inform them in real-time. In this way, parents and teachers can keep abreast of the students’ situation for the first time.

7、Membership Management

Compared with the traditional membership card, RFID membership card can provide a better consumer experience. When shopping, members can use the membership card to communicate with the staff and the equipment in the store, to increase customers’ desire for consumption.

Consumers can get product information directly without showing the card. Businesses can analyze customers’ consumption habits through the data of the system, and provide appropriate consumption information, such as discounts or free goods and other services.

The above are just a part of the RFID card applications. They can be used in many other applications, such as membership management, warehouse management, library management, exhibition, etc.

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