Mifare Ultralight RFID Blank Card

Mifare Ultralight RFID blank card is one of the HF frequency RFID cards with a white surface, embedded in the Mifare Ultralight EV1 chip. It is an easy and cost-efficient way to achieve contactless access control, identification, etc.

Mifare Ultralight EV1 chip is available in 2 memory options: 48 Bytes and 128 Bytes. You can choose according to your applications. If you are looking for a reliable supplier to buy RFID blank cardsXinyetong is your best choice.


Advantages of Xinyetong RFID blank cards:

  • High quality & Low cost
  • Exquisite in craftsmanship: smooth and without burrs, no indentation.
  • Timely delivery and good packing
  • Support customization & Wholesale
  • Excellent pre-sale and post-sale service
  • 12 years of card-making experience
  • Support customization & Wholesale

Features and Benefits of Mifare Ultralight EV1:

  • Contactless transmission of data and supply energy
  • Data transfer of 106 Kbit/s
  • Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting
  • 7-byte serial number (cascade level 2 according to ISO/IEC 14443-3)
  • Fast counter transaction:<10 ms
  • True anticollision
  • Typical ticketing transaction:<35 ms
  • Operating distance up to 100 mm (depending on antenna geometry and reader configuration)
  • Manufacturer programmed 7-byte UID for each device
  • 32-bit user definable One-Time Programmable (OTP) area
  • 3 independent 24-bit true one-way counters
  • Field programmable read-only locking function per page (per 2 pages for the extended memory section)
  • ECC-based originality signature
  • 32-bit password protection to prevent unintended memory operations


  • VIP membership management
  • Parking lot
  • Loyalty
  • Public transportation
  • Event Ticketing(stadiums, exhibitions, leisure parks, etc.)
  • Campus access control management
  • Limited-use tickets in public transport

Customized Service

Standard Mifare Ultralight blank card is the same size as a credit card: CR80 (85.5*54mm), but you can customize it. Xinyetong offers customized services, and you can tell us what kind of RFID blank card you need, including chip, size, shape, and other requirements.

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Item Mifare Ultralight RFID blank card
Material PVC
Chip Mifare Ultralight
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Color White
Size CR 80 or Custom
Reading distance 0-10cm
Write Endurance 100000 times
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
Data Retention Time 10 years
Printing Options Silk-screen printing, Laser Engraving, CMYK full color, Pantone, etc.
Crafts Available Logo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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