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RFID Paper Wristbands

Since these years, RFID technology has come a long way. RFID tags can be very small yet powerful to meet some special and small applications. RFID small tags are popular among system supplier due to it provides more possibilities.

Xinyetong provides many kinds of RFID small tags that can fit a variety of applications. For example, the small PPS laundry tags for the washing industry, the mini PCB tag for small asset management, etc. And these RFID tags can work on 125kHz, 13.56MHz, or 860~960MHz depending on the chips and the applications.

Different materials, various sizes, diverse chips that all you can choose. Also, you can customize it. Here are some common small RFID tags as follows. If you do not find the one you want, feel free to contact us, and we can customize it for you.

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