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MIFARE Classic 1K RFID Paper Wristband For Event

The MIFARE Classic 1K RFID Paper Wristband with its high resistance to abrasion and tearing, is perfect for high security applications at events, concerts and festivals. Wristbands are ideal for use with concert entry passes, global access systems, school trips and more.

Xinyetong Mifare 1k Paper Wristband features high strength, waterproof, anti-static, and folding resistance, and we have advanced printing equipment and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure the high quality of paper wristbands.


MIFARE Classic 1K RFID wristband is a good choice for large events. These paper wristbands are durable and fit most adults, but they can also be printed smaller. Use the RFID access control system integrated into these paper bracelets to check attendees’ identities and allow access to restricted areas when used with a compatible access control system.

Xinyetong RFID paper wristband can be colorful, and support full-color printing and customization. Here, you don’t need to worry about chromatic aberration and other quality problems. That’s because we are committed to offering the highest quality products, and because we truly care about customer experience.


  • Higher cost performance
  • Lightweight and softness
  • High strength, anti-static, water & folding resistance
  • Better RF and safety performance, good compatibility
  • Support full-color printing
  • Operating frequency of 13.56MHz
  • Total memory: 1024 bytes;
  • Data retention up to 10 years
  • Various styles, support customization
  • Multi-function: access control, intelligent identification, cashless payments, and social media integration


Here are some classic Ntag213 paper wristband models as follows. Besides, you can tell us what kind of NFC paper wristband you need, and we will customize it for you.

StyleSizeAvailable Chip
Ntag213 Paper Wristband size:160*12.7mm160*12.7mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
Ntag213 Paper Wristband size:180*12mm180*12mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
Ntag213 Paper Wristband size:250*19mm250*19mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
Ntag213 Paper Wristband size:305*25mm305*25mmNtag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.


Item Mifare 1k Paper Wristband
Material Paper
Chip Mifare 1k
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Color Customizable
Size 12*180cm, 25*208mm, 250*19mm, 250*31mm, 252*40mm, etc.
Memory 1024 bytes
Reading distance 0-10cm
Write Endurance 100000 times
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
Data Retention Time 10 years
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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