TK4100 keyfob for access control security system

TK4100 keyfob is commonly used in access control, membership management and identification applications. You can set your logo or text and print in the case of case surface or laser engraving UID. There are many different colors and types to choose from. Printable and durable housings are becoming more and more popular in the RFID market


RFID Fobs may be a transponder consisting of a chip and a coil antenna within the robust ABS material. it’s a hole for a hoop or chain. RFID Fob could be common 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz, compliant with various chips for wider use. Each RFID Fobs is produced with a singular ID, so it is a perfect low-cost and reliable solution to enhance the efficiency of the management and heighten the safety, Like automated check-in/check-out procedures in hotels. Besides, custom colours, logo printing and serial number printing also are available.


  • Support for customized services
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Available with key chain, easy to carry
  • Contactless power supply
  • Rich and flexible configuration and working mode
  • Basic Mode or Extended Mode
  • High Q-antenna tolerance due to in options
  • Adaptable to different applications: access control, animal ID and waste management
  • Low cost


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