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What Is The Material Of RFID and NFC Tag Keychain?

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RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology can be defined as a technology that uses electromagnetic radio-frequency to identify tags when near to a reader. One fine example of RFID technology is NFC or Near Field Communication.

NFC can be said as a set of communication procedures between two electronic devices for establishing communication by bringing them within proximity.

There are many applications of RFID and NFC used in our day to day lives. Some examples include RFID tag or NFC tag keychain, NFC chipsRFID cards or NFC cards, and many other devices. Depending upon the type of their use the devices are both read-only or read/write only. Right from security applications to tagging products, almost everywhere NFC devices are used.

RFID Keyfob with lock

In particular, RFID and NFC tag keychain has broken into our daily life, such as employee identification, underground parking lot, shopping mall, library, E-campus, security protection, transportation, E-payment, etc.

RFID and NFC tag keychain transport us to the smart world, making our life more convenient. In life, you can see or come into contact with a variety of RFID and NFC tag keychain. So what is the material of RFID and NFC tag keychain and what’s the difference?

The manufacturing of such RFID and NFC devices depends on the applications. RFID and NFC tag keychain can be used from storing data to simple tagging of products. The RFID and NFC tag keychain is generally manufactured of epoxy, PVC, ABS, or silicone material. They are widely used and have their own characteristics.

EPOXY RFID keychain

The most noteworthy feature of the RFID and NFC epoxy tags is the appearance. The epoxy tags are wear-resistant and waterproof, also the epoxy material providing the tags with multi-protective layers.

Also, the different available chips of epoxy tags are NTAG213, MFS50, ICODE, etc. Each chip has its own memory or capacity. And the working temperature of RFID and NFC epoxy tags differs from -30℃ to 80℃.

PVC NFC keychain

As the name suggests the PVC tags are made of PVC material. The features of such PVC tags include heat insulation, lightweight, thermal insulation, easy construction, etc.

The PVC chips can be said to act as a work base in the managing system of the user. PVC tags can be used in a wide range of applications including NFC tag stickers, PVC nametags, etc.

ABS NFC keychain

ABS RFID and NFC keychain is made by pressing the keychain model with ABS material through the delicate hardware mold, putting the copper wire COB into the pressed keychain model, and then combining it with ultrasonic wave.

ABS NFC tag keychain is very cheap, durable and has strong anti-interference ability, commonly used in the application of access control.

In the market we often see a variety of cute cartoon shaped RFID and NFC keychains, they are generally made of silicone material which is soft, comfortable to the touch, waterproof, high temperature resistant.

According to the different applications, it can be embedded in different frequencies of chips to achieve different functions.

Wood RFID keychain

In addition to the above common RFID and NFC keychain, there are two kinds of RFID and NFC keychain made of special materials:RFID /NFC Wood Bamboo Keychain and RFID/NFC Leather keychain.

RFID and NFC Wood Bamboo Keychain is a new product that features environmentally friendly and light favored by environmentalists. RFDI and NFC Leather keychain is wrapped by leather material. It feels comfortable and looks mature and steady.

To sum up, the materials of the RFID and NFC tag keychain can be epoxy, PVC, ABS, silicone, wood, and leather. How to choose mainly depends on the user’s preferences, the use environment, and the functions you want to achieve.

Now many manufacturers offer customized services, which can be customized according to customers’ requirements, including shape, size, chip, color and so on. XINYETONG is one of the most trustworthy.

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