How to Create Your Own Amiibo NFC Tags?

If you want to know how to make your own Amiibo NFC tags, you’ve come to the right place. Amiibo is very popular, but some super rare Amiibo are also very expensive that we cannot afford. It is the best choice to create our own Amiibo, which is easy and much cheaper. How to? Let’s find out.

make your own Amiibo NFC tags

What You Need

  1. Android Phone with NFC capability or tablet with NFC support
  2. Buy NTAG215 NFC Stickers or NTAG215 NFC Cards ( IMPORTANT: Only NTAG215 works!!! NATG213, 216 and other common stickers DO NOT WORK.)
  3. Free Tagmo APP + files — Link to free Download
  4. Amiibo .bin files — Link to free Download
  5. Additional software for Android so TagMo works free of moos with Amiibos
    locked_secret.bin & unfixed_ifo.bin – Link to free Download

How To Make

Step 1 – Prepare Android device

1、Since the TagMo app is not available in the Play Store, it must be downloaded and installed via GitHub. In order to install apps that are not available in the Play Store, this must be set in the Android setting in the Security menu and enable Unknown Sources.

2、Now two more software packages have to be downloaded and installed on the Android device for TagMo to work properly with the Amiibos.

Step 2 – Launch the TagMo app and import the key

  1. Launch the TagMo app
  2. Place unfixed-info.bin, locked-secret.bin, and Amiibo dump files on your Android device.
  • Touch the icon in the upper right corner
  • Select Load key(s) file
  • Select the unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin files.

You might need to install a file explore for your Android device if you can’t do that already on your phone, but it should be in the download folder if you downloaded it on your phone.

make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags

Step 3– Write NFC Tags

Now that the Android device is set up and you have your Amiibo-Bin files for writing, you can load the Amiibo data to a blank NFC tag.

  1. Open the TagMo App
  2. Hit the LOAD TAG button and select your Amiibo.bin dump file. Make sure any Amiibo are UNZIPPED you can put them all into their own folder called AMIIBO if you wish makes it easier.
  3. Click on WRITE TAG
  4. Place your NTAG215 NFC tag on your Android device. You have now Created The Amiibo you wanted Congrats.
make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags
make your own Amiibo NFC tags

Step 4– Validate

After creating your own Amiibo on an Android device, you can check if it worked. You can do this pretty quickly by clicking the “Tag Scan” button in the TagMo app. Then you see what was written on the NFC tag. Of course, you can also use your Nintendo to use Amiibo in one game. Hold the NFC tag over the right analog stick on the JoyCon and the Amiibo is available in the game.

If this is not the case and you have never used an Amiibo, please check the settings in the console, as the use of Amiibos must be enabled in the settings.

It is so cool and easy, isn’t it? If you want some NFC Ntag215 stickers or NFC Ntag215 blank cards, feel free to contact us. Xinyetong is the best supplier and deserves your trust.

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1 year Ago

Takk for at du deler en så vakker blogg. det var så mye informasjon

1 year Ago

lorseque je met mon tag nfc ça me met “échec du déchiffrage des donnés du tag

2 year Ago

Whenever I try to import keys it says “Key file signature does not match.” What should I do about this?

2 year Ago
Reply to  jacob

geh mal den anderen dateipfad durch, da sind die beiden dateine nochmal, hatte anfangs das gleiche problem

3 year Ago

It’s writing the amiibo to the tag but it’s not working when I try to invite the villagers to the campsite, can anyone help please

3 year Ago
Reply to  Scar

hi,The animal invitation quota in the camp may be full。

3 year Ago

Bonjour . Merci pour vos explications . Je n’arrive pas à télécharger sur l’application les personnages . Pourtant je l’ai sur mes images. Merci pour votre aide

3 year Ago

Bonsoir, j’aimerais savoir si il sera possible d’avoir les dernier nouveaux habitants d’animal Crossing, bouloche, Laura, Raymond, Capri, Monica.

Merci d’avance

Misery Man
3 year Ago

Bonjour,est il possible d’avoir les fichiers .bin concernant les personnages dans Mario kart?

3 year Ago

are the sanrio cards included as well?

3 year Ago

donde puedo encontrar los archivos de las cartas amiibo? 🙁

3 year Ago

I kinda can’t do it? It does not work for me. Can I get some help please? Every time I’m trying to load unfixed-info.bin and locked-secret.bin files. in order to import keys – it does not allow it. Am I doing something wrong?
It is telling me that key signature does not match?…

Last edited 3 year Ago by Naru
3 year Ago
Reply to  adminxyt

I’m having the same problem. I’m using galaxy s10

3 year Ago
Reply to  adminxyt

I figured it out, thank you.

3 year Ago

Is there only animal crossing caracters bc i really wanted rosalina

3 year Ago

Thak you so so so much!

Cathy Jodie
3 year Ago

This is a complete guide to create amiibo tags,very very good,i will share to my friend! You are a good writer.

3 year Ago

Great, you can use it, thanks for sharing

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