RFID Playing Cards for Sales

RFID playing cards have been making its way into live poker: radio-frequency identification (RFID) playing cards and tables. instead of using any quite camera, RFID uses special cards equipped with radio-frequency identification chips, or “tags.”

RFID readers are positioned in certain spots on the table to read the tag of every card and send the info to tournament or TV production computers. RFID also can be utilized in chips to automatically count the worth of stacks, bets, and pot totals, though that implementation is more complex than simple hole card information.

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SizeCR80 Standard Size 85.5*54*0.76mm or Customized
Operating Temp-25℃-75℃
ApplicationsFitness Centres, Playing card, Spa Hotels, Ticketing at Water Resorts, Security/Access Control, Festivals, Concerts, Resort Visit
Optional Craft
CraftSingle color or Multi-color Printing, Barcode or QR Code printing, Data encoding, etc
Volume1000pcs carton size:305x225x100mm
Standard package200pcs in one box ,5 boxes,10boxes or 15boxes in one carton
Weight7KG /1000pcs