Printable Mifare 1K RFID Card with Inkjet Printer

Printable Mifare 1K RFID Card, you can call it Mifare 1K Inkjet Card, is a special RFID card that you can print it by Epson or Canon Inkjet Printer. This Inkjet card uses Mifare 1K chip, working on 13.56MHz. With an Inkjet printer and Inkjet cards, you can make ID cards, campus cards, employee cards, and other cards by yourself, convenient and cost-effective.

Xinyetong can provide not only standard inkjet cards but also non-standard inkjet cards. If you are interested in this product, feel free to contact us.

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  • High-quality inkjet-coating, waterproof
  • Double-side fast absorbing ink, quick-drying
  • Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer
  • Vivid color and high-resolution photo quality
  • High glossy, flat and smooth, without burrs, no indentation
  • Contactless transmission of data and supply energy
  • Operating frequency of 13.56MHz
  • Data transfer of 106 Kbit/s
  • Data integrity of 16-bit CRC, parity, bit coding, bit counting
  • Typical ticketing transaction time of<100ms (including backup management)
  • Operating distance up to 100mm (depending on antenna geometry and reader configuration)


  • Access control attendance
  • Library management
  • Campus card
  • Library Management
  • Parking lot management
  • Identity authentication
  • Hotel key card
  • Member management
  • Exhibition centers


Standard Printable Mifare 1K RFID Card is the same size as a credit card: CR 80(85.5*54mm), but you can customize it. Here are some non-standard Printable Inkjet cards as follows.

StyleSizeAvailable Chip
50*30 mmMifare 1k, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
114*54 mmMifare 1k,Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
85.5*54mmMifare 1k, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
108*85.5mmMifare 1k, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.

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ItemPrintable Mifare 1K RFID Card
ChipMifare 1K
SizeCR80 (85.5*54mm) or custom
Reading distance0-10cm
Write Endurance100000 times
Working Temperature-25°C to 65°C
Data Retention Time10 years
Printing OptionsSilk-screen printing, Laser Engraving, CMYK full color, Pantone, etc.
Crafts AvailableLogo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
SamplesFree samples are available upon request