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NFC Business Cards

NFC Business Card is a smart business card, powered by RFID/NFC technology. With this business card, you only need a tap to share your contact information. And that will make a good impression on your customers and business partners. Except for the basic information, you can share your company video, product introduction, etc.

NFC business cards were born in the digital age. Just looking at its appearance, you may feel that it is no different from an ordinary business card. But the NFC Chips give it magic and make it more powerful.

business card

What are the Features of Smart Business Cards?

Business cards are an indispensable tool in business activities. Especially in exhibitions or trade shows, this NFC Card plays a vital role to communicate with your business partner. NFC business cards are a new way that helps you win more clients.

It is novel, intelligent, and eye-catching. This digital business card is made of PVC or Paper material. And it can be embedded with a variety of NFC chips, including Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, etc.

You must bring many ordinary business cards to share with many more people. But with NFC tag business cards, you just need one to do it. It is reusable and durable. And Xinyetong RFID/NFC business card support customization. You can design it and make your business card unparalleled.

What Can You Do With NFC Business Card?

NFC business cards have a large capacity and can be written. You can do a lot of things with it, and here are just some of our most commonly used ones.

Share Contact Details

Put your contact information into its chip, people can obtain it by simply tapping your card.

Add Website Links

You can add any web link, for example your company website. That is convenient to save time for partners.

Promote Campaigns

Share your event invite, it can help you to win more clients. It is a good way for marketing promotion.

Show Brand Videos

You can show more information, like videos, to leave a deep impression on you business partner.

How To Program Your Business Cards?

The big difference between common business cards and NFC business cards is that the tag business card can be programmed. And it is simple and easy, but you need one NFC business card, an NFC-enable phone, an NFC tag writing APP. The method as the same as How to Program NFC Tags ( including Android and iOS), you can click here to check it.

NFC Business Card

NFC-Enable Devices

NFC Tag Writing APP

Frequently Asked Questions

NFC business cards can work with any NFC-enabled mobile device. This chip business card is compatible with most Android and newer iOS Phones.

There is a chip in this smart card. You can write the information that you want to share it. Then when an NFC-enable device taps this business card, it will share your information.

You can buy an NFC business card online, and let the shop owner help you write the information into it. Or you can buy a blank smart business card and create it.

NFC chip business card can write the QR Code data in the chips, and you don’t have to print it on the card. Besides, this smart business card supports various craft. If you worry about the devices without NFC ability cannot read it, you can print the QR code on the surface of the card.

Xinyetong supports the customization of NFC business cards. Besides the craftsmanship, size, and color of the card, we can also provide coding services. You can get the most professional business card from here.


Item NFC Business Card
Material PVC or Paper
Color Custom
Chip TOPAZ 512, Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216, Utralight ev1, Ultralight-c, etc.
Type NFC
Craft silkscreen logo/Laser serial number/UID print, etc
Working Temperature -25~+55°C
Size CR 80 Standard (85.5 mmx54mm) or Customized
Data Retention 10 years
Erase cycle 100,000 times
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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