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Up to now, card plays an indispensable role in our daily life. We pay in restaurants, we shop in supermarkets, and when we travel by means of transportation, the NFC or RFID cards in our hands are indispensable. Of course, in China, a mobile phone can do everything, because China has entered the era of mobile payment.

Payment by RFID Card in Life

So, what kind of cards do we use everyday? In fact, the cards we use everyday include RFID cards, NFC cards, chip cards and so on. They are widely used in many fields, such as access control, identification, vehicle cost, security, production control, asset management, etc. They exist in many fields. They are often a regular rectangle, that is, conventional cards, but also non-standard cards, that is, material, shape, recognition distance, etc. in their own customized RFID card, or NFC card.

Of course, many people will ask, so can this be used as a bank card? Of course, it is certain that RFID and NFC cards with chips can be used as bank cards. Because RFID cards or NFC cards carry electronic information and protect data content through password, their content and data are not easy to change and forge, so it has sufficient security.

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NFC Chip Ultralight Inside NFC PVC Card

white Contact RFID IC inkjet chip card

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