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Inkjet contact IC cards (smart cards) - card tray , cards are seekig development by innovation business.

Contact IC Inkjet Cards descriptions :

Contact IC Inkjet Cards system has strong encryption, which is reflected in the structures of chips and reading styles. Intelligence cards own larger capacity but also reading and writing areas of the memory can be arbitrarily selected.

The capacity of Contact IC Inkjet Cards can be done with thousands of bytes, and storage areas on the Intelligence card can be split so that you can have different levels to access.

Contact IC Inkjet Cards specifications :

  • SLE4442 Contact IC Inkjet PVC Card
  • Size: 85.5x54x0.84mm
  • Memory: 256byte  ISO/IEC7816
  • Other contact Chips: SLE4428,SLE5542,SLE5528 etc

Our Contact IC Inkjet Cards Advantage:

  1. Waterproof.
  2. Double side fast absorbing ink, instantly dry.
  3. Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer.
  4. Vivid color and high-resolution photo quality
  5. High glossy with tight and smooth edge PVC card
  6. Quick, easy, customized and professional to make PVC card.

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