What are the advantages of RFID tags?

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In recent years, with all kinds of information technology, high-tech appears frequently in our life. Unmanned retail, driverless, intelligent warehousing, intelligent library, Internet of Things and other technologies, RFID technology is a non-contact radio frequency identification information acquisition, through radio frequency signal automatic acquisition and identification and access to information data, without manual intervention, can face the harsh working environment.

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01. Achieving Fast Scanning

RFID tag recognition is accurate, and the recognition distance is flexible. It can recognize and read multiple tags at the same time. Without any object coverage, the RFID tag can be used for penetrating communication and barrier-free reading.

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02. Large memory capacity of data

The largest capacity of RFID tags is MegaBytes. In the future, the amount of information that objects need to carry will continue to increase, and the capacity of memory carriers will continue to expand according to the corresponding needs of the market. At present, it is in a steady upward trend. The prospects are promising.

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03. Pollution resistance and durability

RFID tags are highly resistant to water, oil and chemicals. In addition, RFID tags store data in chips, so they can effectively avoid data loss caused by damage.

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04. Can be reused

The RFID tag has the function of adding, modifying and deleting the stored data in the RFID volume label repeatedly, which facilitates the replacement and updating of information.

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05. Miniaturization of volume and diversification of shape

RFID tags are not limited by shape or size, so there is no need to match paper fixing and printing quality in order to read accurately. In addition, RFID tags are also developing towards miniaturization and diversification to be suitable for more different products.

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06. Safety

RFID tag carries electronic information. Its data content is protected by password, which is very secure. It is not easy to be forged, altered, stolen and so on.

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RFID technology has been widely used. The large storage of RFID tags and the ability of remote identification have attracted much attention. As an important perception layer of the Internet of Things, it makes the identification and collection of items information very easy and efficient. RFID technology will greatly improve the efficiency of goods information management, accurately collect data and feedback, and achieve the overall optimization and upgrading of the supply chain.

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