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NFC is the abbreviation for Near Field Communication and it is the technology that enables a mobile phone to exchange data with another device kept at a distance. NFC is based on radio frequency identification technology (RFID), which uses electromagnetic induction in order to transfer data from one device to another. NFC is a division of High Frequency RFID technology and both function on 13.56 MHz.  The NFC technology is extensively being used in smartphones for various purposes as the technology provides secure communication between consumer devices. This wireless technology is commonly used for making payments through mobile phone given that it is convenient as well as safe to use. It is beneficial to use NFC technology as it is easy to use, secure and proffers versatility. 

NFC sticker are one of the chief elements of NFC technology, which are generally in the form of wristbands and small stickers that have a microchip which stores the information. NFC tags are used to share data and they can be read by other NFC devices that are present in the range. NFC features are available on smartphones that run on android operating system and a user can install an NFC Tag App to use this efficient technology. These apps offer multifunctional utility as it facilitates the user to manage their debit cards, credit cards, tickets, coupons and other elements from their smartphones. Lately, various places such as shopping malls, grocery stores, hospitals, hotels, railway stations, etc. are powered with NFC readers and the same allows an individual to use their NFC tag app to make payments or share data easily. A user just need to touch his/her smartphone or NFC tag with a near field communication reader installed in stores and the payment will be conveniently done.

Nowadays, smartphones are already installed with an NFC tag app and they transmit data through radio waves. Apart from making payments, NFC connectivity also help in sharing links, locations, music, contacts, etc. Science is promising that the future of NFC tags will be prominent and beyond beliefs, using NFC tag app will be used widely with an effort to make lives easier.

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Last update: Jan 09, 2020

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