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Fragile Tag With NFC Chip

NFC Fragile Tag is designed for anti-counterfeit. It uses fragile materials, such as a fragile antenna, shredded paper, or anti-peeling antenna, to ensure that the tag is not transferable.

The complete fragile label can be identified by card reader or NFC mobile phone. The damaged label is unreadable, so the authenticity and integrity of the product can be detected at one time.

The cost of an NFC fragile tag depends on its size, and the bigger the tag, the more expensive it is. Also, NFC Chips will affect its price. Contact us now and you will get the best offer.


Uniqueness: Each NFC fragile anti-counterfeiting tag has a unique serial number. It adopts advanced dynamic digital encryption technology and label information cannot be copied. Besides, this tag adopts fragile materials to ensure that labels cannot be transferred.

Anti-counterfeit Query: Based on the NFC technology, it makes the anti-counterfeiting query easier. When an NFC-enable phone approach to the NFC sticker on the product, the mobile phone can display the authenticity information.

Rich Information: Besides validating products, you can read other relevant information about products. For example, product information, production date, origin, specification, etc.


  • Valuables supervision
  • Precision instrument anti-dismantle
  • Car windshield labels
  • Certificate management
  • Jewelry forgery prevention
  • High-end tobacco and alcohol anti-counterfeiting
  • Brand clothing anti-counterfeiting
  • Cosmetic anti-counterfeiting traceability
  • Other commodities anti-counterfeiting


Chip Name Memory Data Retention Function RF Interface
ICODE SLIX 1024 Byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 15693
MIFARE Classic 1K 1K byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
MIFARE Classic 4K 4K byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
Ultralight EV1 64/128 byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
Ultralight C 192 byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
Ntag213 144 byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
Ntag215 504 byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A
Ntag216 888 byte 10 years Read/Write ISO 14443 A


Item NFC fragile Tag for Anti-counterfeit
Material Paper
Chip NTAG213, Ntag216, TOPAZ512, NTAG215, F08, DESFIRE 2K 4K 8K, etc
Frequency 13.56MHz
Protocol ISO14443A
Color Custom
Size φ15 mm, φ20 mm, φ21 mm, φ22 mm, φ25 mm, φ 27 mm, φ30 mm, φ33 mm, φ 34 mm, 25X38 mm, 26X11 mm, 52X15 mm, 22X37 mm, 22.5X38mm, 40X40mm, 45X45mm, 45X76mm, 40X71mm, Or custom
Memory depend on chip
Reading distance 1-5cm
Write Endurance 100000 times
Working Temperature -30°C to 200°C
Data Retention Time 10 years
Samples Free samples are available upon request
Packaging 1000pcs / 2000pcs / 2500pcs in on roll

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