2022 NEW RFID Silicone Wristband

Parameters Material silicone Size 255mm*20mm Chip Mifare 1k, F08, NTAG213 Memory 1 K Byte/144 Byte Printing Options AI/PDF/CDR format Crafts Available Blank, Logo or QR code Printing,serial number Shipping Details Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS, 10 days for air shipping,18 days for sea shipping. Payment Terms TT, PayPal, WEST UNION, L/C Common Chip Types Protocol Capacity Anti-collision Function Available 125KHz Chip TK4100 / 64 bit No Read Only EM4200 / 128 bit No Read Only EM4305 / 512 bit No

The Most Complete Guide To Custom Smart Cards (2020)

Smart Cards are around us and play an important role in our daily life. Each of us may have manifold smart cards with different functions, design patterns. For example, membership cards, bank cards, credit cards, access cards, etc. How to customize smart cards to make your cards different from the rest? Xinyetong specializes in card-making manufacturer for 12 years, professional and reliable. We will share the experience without reservation and provide you a perfect solution. RFID smart card, that is,

RFID Helps to Identify and Protect Motorcycles

About five years after the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) launched its MASTER Security Scheme package for protecting motorcycles from theft in the United Kingdom, technology provider Datatag is now in conversations with numerous British police departments as they consider expanding the system to other vehicles, such as smaller motorized bikes. MASTER is an acronym for Motorcycles and Scooter Tagged Equipment Registration. The solution consists of multiple technologies, including two 125 KHz low-frequency (LF) RFID tags per motorcycle that can be

How does RFID revolutionize manufacturing?

In the era of the Internet of everything, various industries are relying on the Internet of things technology to achieve leapfrog development. Nowadays, the traditional manufacturing industry is in urgent need of transformation and moving towards intelligence. RFID technology, the core of the Internet of things, is the key to realize intelligent manufacturing. As the automation of industrial production has become a trend, intelligent production machines and equipment have replaced most of the manual work, and the industrial production capacity

What are the Different Types of RFID Tags?

RFID tags are diverse. And each kind of label has its own different characteristics and application scenarios. You must know the different types of RFID tags so that you can know how to choose them. We have classified RFID tags according to the power supply, different frequencies, and packaging forms. That you can quickly learn about different types of RFID tags. According to Battery Power Supply: Three Types 1、Active RFID Tags 2、Passive RFID Tags 3、Semi-passive Tags According to the Working

25 NFC Cards: How to Choose? Here is the Answer

Hey! Do you really know NFC cards? Our life has surrounded by RFID/NFC technology, but we don’t know more about this. Your cards, like credit cards, passports, membership cards, are most NFC cards or RFID cards. Now, let’s find out. What is NFC Card? NFC card, in short, is a smart card powered by NFC technology. As we all know, NFC is a short-range and high-frequency radio technology. It is based on RFID technology, combined with wireless interconnection technology. NFC

Why are more libraries using RFID technology?

In library applications, RFID tags can store a unique identifier for a book or CD and can be used for fast and efficient circulation processing and inventory management. According to incomplete statistics, 2% of libraries in the United States have installed RFID technology, and 8% of libraries in the world have begun to adopt RFID technology. In Asia, the RFID system has been put into use in Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, and mainland China. Globally, the number of libraries using RFID