9 Common Applications RFID in Hospitals

RFID has broad application prospects in the field of hospitals and healthcare. RFID hospital management system can realize the interaction between patients and medical staff, medical institutions, medical devices, and gradually achieve information and intelligence. Besides, RFID also plays a great role in patient management, access control, hospital linen laundry management, hospital medicine management, etc. […]

Learn about common RFID applications

What is RFID tag? RFID tag, otherwise known as Electronic tag, is a contactless automatic identification technology, which identifies the target object and obtains relevant data by Radio-frequency signal without human intervention. RFID technology has many advantages, such as waterproof, antimagnetic, high-temperature resistance, long service life, long reading distance, encrypted data on the label, larger […]

How to protect our RFID card? (Complete Guide)

RFID Cards are now everywhere. Many of the cards we use today, such as RFID credit cards and passports, are RFID cards. But the safety of the RFID card worries us. Why? And how to protect RFID cards? Are RFID blockers necessary? That’s what we’re going to talk about in this article. As we all […]

How RFID Technology Changes the Garment Industry?

Taking inventory of a store with 15000 pieces of clothes in stock, using barcode technology, it needs to takes four people eight hours to complete with the highest accuracy of 86 percent. With RFID, it can be done by one person in an hour, and more importantly, the accuracy is close to 100%. Which way […]

What is a Microchip of Animals?

Animal microchip

Animal microchips are transponders that use radio waves to exchange data. it’s small, which may make sure that it’s suitable for your pet without causing discomfort;This article compiles the simplest commonly asked questions on pet microchips. Keep reading to know. A microchip may be a small, electronic chip enclosed during a glass cylinder that’s about an equivalent size as a grain of rice. The microchip itself […]

Custom RFID Paper Wristbands For Events


Previous Next Home RFID Wristbands Our RFID wristbands are more than just an accessory; they’re a powerful tool that enhances your event’s efficiency and security. When paired with RFID event software, these wristbands provide a seamless on-site experience, offering cashless payments, access control, and more. Designed for single-use events, our wristbands are made from durable, […]

Pet Premium NFC Pet ID Tags


Previous Next Home RFID Cards Introducing our Premium NFC Pet ID Tags, a cutting-edge solution in the pet identification industry. These tags are not just a product, they’re an investment in your pet’s safety and well-being. Ask For Price Details Contact Us Proudly engineered with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, our tags offer a seamless, […]

Custom Gift Card Holder


Previous Next Home RFID Cards Presenting our top-notch gift card holders, the ultimate solution to elevate your gift-giving experience. These holders are more than just a packaging solution; they are a statement of quality and attention to detail. Our range of gift card holders is designed to complement the thoughtfulness behind each gift card you […]

In-depth Analysis:Components of An RFID Tag

The IoT is regarded as the third wave of the information industry after the computer and the Internet. In the process of its realization, it needs the cooperation of many high and new technologies. RFID, as one of the top ten important technologies in the 21 century, is an important cornerstone of the IoT. Combined […]

NFC vs. RFID: What’s the Difference Between Them?


NFC vs RFID, which is the best? What is the difference between NFC and RFID? These questions always confuse us. NFC technology originated from RFID technology. But there are some differences between them. Now, Asiarfid will take you to figure out through three questions: What is NFC technology? What is RFID technology? And how they […]