PVC ID Card Tray for Epson T50

If your Epson printer uses our matching card tray, you can print any card you want, such as ID cards, business card, membership cards, educational ID cards, employee ID cards, promotional cards, etc. Doesn’t that sound great? It is convenient and low cost.

We professionally produce the ID card trays and Inkjet PVC cards. Our ID card trays are available in a variety of models, which can match different types of inkjet printers; Our Inkjet PVC cards absorb the normal dye ink and pigment ink, they are glossy and waterproof. Anyway, we are your reliable supplier.

ID Card Tray


PVC ID Card Tray is a kind of printer accessories which could make your Epson Inkjet printers to print any personalized cards such as membership card, work card, student card, consumer card on condition that you use CR80 Printable Inkjet PVC Cards. Card making process is as simple and fast as printing a regular document and costs less. The printed card is not only colorful, high-definition, no need any post-processing, but also quick-drying, waterproof, wear-resistant, and can be used directly after printing.




1. PVC ID Card Tray, combining with our company’s blank printable PVC card, using ordinary dye ink or pigment waterproof ink, utilizing Photoshop or Coreldraw graphic processing software, can make a variety of personalized cards, like membership card, student card, company card, personalized photo card, etc.

2. This PVC Card Tray has 2 slots. You can be put 2 cards for printing at one time, which is efficient and fast.

3. Printable material size range: CR80 85.5x54x0.76mm (error of plus or minus 10%), ISO international dimensions.




Item Plastic Card Tray for Epson Inkjet Printer
Material Plastic
Size 147*246*1.8mm
Card Slot 2 slots
Compatible Printer Models R330,R290, P50, Artisan50, T50, T60, R390, L800,L1801, Tx720wd, Px700w, Px800FW, Px665, px660,RX680, R260, R265, R270, R280, R285, R380 etc (The trays for this model are the same)
Suitable Ink Pigment ink, dye ink, UV ink, eco-solvent ink, etc.
Applications ID cards, business card, membership cards, educational ID cards, employee ID cards, promotional cards etc.
Notes The card tray is used for printing blank inkjet CR80 standard card. Normal PVC cards will not absorb the ink when printing on.
Packaging & Shipping
Package With opp bag and carton. Or on your demand
Lead time Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS, 10 days for air shipping,18 days for sea shipping.
Delivery ways DHL , UPS ,EMS , FedEx ,etc.



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How To Print RFID Inkjet White Card By Printer Epson/Cannon?

If you have one Epson or Canon printer with a PVC ID Card Tray and Printable Inkjet PVC cards, you can easily make a personalized card, such as name cards.

You can send your picture to your computer and then connect with the printer. After clicking the print button, you can get what you want.

If you have any questions about Printable Inkjet cards or card trays or how does it work, feel free to contact us!



Q: Can your inkjet cards be printed on both sides?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the restrictions on the use of ink for inkjet cards?

A: For any type of ink, pigment ink or Epson original ink is recommended.

Q: Can I print the card of non-standard card?

A: Yes, but it needs to be customized in advance.

Q: Will there be any loss of color in the finished product?

A: No, our inkjet cards are processed by absorbing ink, waterproof, quick-drying coating, there will be no discoloration.

Q: Are your inkjet cards wear-resistant?

A: Our inkjet cards have strictly tested during the development period and have strong wear resistance.

Q: Now I have an Epson printer that works with your solution. What else do I need?

A: Just buy a matching card tray and printable inkjet white cards.

Q: Do Epson printers that are compatible with your solution require additional modifications?

A: No modifications are required. With the CD printing function of Epson printer, our matching tray can fit with the printer module accurately.

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