NFC Poster

Powered by NFC technology, NFC Poster has the ability to interact with users. There is an NFC chip on the poster, which can contain an URL, picture, video, or other product information. When NFC-enable phones touch it, users can get the information and take part in an interaction.

Making an NFC Smart Poster is easy, and all you need is an NFC label attached to your poster. Xinyetong provides various NFC tags. Also, if you need a complete NFC poster, we can customize it for you.

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NFC Smart Poster is a new way of marketing. More and more brands use it to attract more users to participate in their activities, as well as improve the brand image. Estée Lauder and Samsung have already used NFC posters in marketing campaigns several years ago. Moreover, you would always see the NFC poster used for film promotion.


  • Working on 13.56 MHz frequency
  • Can realize the mobile phone interaction
  • Easy to use and low cost
  • Contactless reading, Security and intelligence
  • Various chips, sizes, shapes, colors are available
  • Support all NFC-enable cellphone or other NFC devices
  • Printable that you can put any pattern on it
  • Diverse Crafts are available
  • Support for custom service


  • Film promotion
  • Market campaign
  • Brand publicity
  • Intelligent advertising
  • Exhibition activities
  • Concert promotion
  • Other applications


Chip NameMemoryData RetentionFunctionRF Interface
ICODE SLIX1024 Byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 15693
MIFARE Classic 1K1K byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
MIFARE Classic 4K4K byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
Ultralight EV164/128 byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
Ultralight C192 byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
Ntag213144 byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
Ntag215504 byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A
Ntag216888 byte10 yearsRead/WriteISO 14443 A


ItemNFC Smart Poster
ChipNTAG213, Ntag216, TOPAZ512, NTAG215, F08, DESFIRE 2K 4K 8K, etc
Size φ15 mm, φ20 mm, φ21 mm, φ22 mm, φ25 mm, φ 27 mm, φ30 mm, φ33 mm, φ 34 mm, 25X38 mm, 26X11 mm, 52X15 mm, 22X37 mm, 22.5X38mm, 40X40mm, 45X45mm, 45X76mm, 40X71mm, Or custom
Memorydepend on chip
Reading distance1-5cm
Write Endurance100000 times
Working Temperature-30°C to 200°C
Data Retention Time10 years
SamplesFree samples are available upon request
Packaging1000pcs / 2000pcs / 2500pcs in on roll

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