RFID Inlay Toughness Testing - Why Do Your Smart Cards Easily Break?

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Some customers sometimes feel confused for price of our RFID products. But in my opinion, you must know that different quality owns different cost. For high quality products, they always have to cost more. Maybe someone thinks that I just want cheaper ones, not with best quality. Ok, please look at this video firstly. It will tell you why you have to choose high quality RFID Inlay. And good smart cards need high quality Inlay.

In this video, we regard high quality Inlay as NO.1, and bad one named NO.2. You can easily find that NO.2 is broken after beating out. But the NO.1 is still intact. The NO.1 RFID Inlay owns better toughness, and can bear more external stress. Therefore, the high quality RFID Inlay is worthy for buying. What is more, you also use longer. Even though you cost more when you buy, but later you will save more cost. 

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Last update: Jan 03, 2020


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