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RFID Anti-metal Tags For Electricity Industry Description:

RFID Anti-metal Tags For Electricity Industry; provides a more convenient way, and saves cost and labor.
RFID Anti-metal Tags For Electricity Industry features high tensile strength, elongation, and strong grassroots resilience, resistance to root penetration resistance, ozone resistance, aging, corrosion resistance, heat resistance and excellent low-temperature flexibility, good water vapor diffusion, condensate drain easily release moisture to stay at the grassroots level easily eliminated, usage of advanced hot air welding technology, reliable sealing seams.

RFID Anti-metal Tags For Electricity Industry Specifications:

  • Size: custom as your request
  • Operating frequency: 125KHz \ 134.2KHz \ 13.56MHZ \ 900MHz
  • Supported protocols: ISO11784 \ 14443A \ 15693 \ 18000-6C
  • Available chips: S50, I-CODE SLI, Ultralight, S70, TI2K, NTAG203, Desfire, TK4100, ALIEN H3, etc.
  • Storage capacity: Depending on Chip
  • Color: blue, red, black, white or according to your requirements
  • Packaging Technology: Integrally molded within the silicone mold
  • Appearance technology: printed, laser water code, UID codes, drilling, adhesive
  • Features:
     1, anti-jamming design.
     2, soaked in water, repeatedly rub, direct ironing.
     3, near-field multi-tag identification
The quality is very good, very good!
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