8MM anti-metal Mini PCB NFC Electronic Tag Suitable for different special application

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Name8MM Ntag213 anti-metal chip
ProtocolISO/IEC 14443
Working environment-20 degrees - 50 degrees Celsius, 95% humidity
EEPROM144 bytes
Sector Structure36 pages, 4 bytes per page
NFC TypeTYPE 2 Protocol Built-in Capacitor 50PF
Security7-byte UID, 16-bit CRC check, ECC signature, 32-bit encrypted password area

Anti-interferenceCan select each card individually and ensure that the selected card performs the transaction correctly without being interfered with by another card
Number of rewrites100,000 times
Packaging MethodWafer bonding
Reading and writing distance1.5-2CM
Response timeLess than 100 milliseconds
Sizeφ8 mm,φ10mm,φ12mmφ15mm,15mmX15mm,8X14mm,8X12mm
Adhesive Type3M 9495 200M Adhesive
Anti-metal materialImported ultra-thin magnetic insulation material, magnetic permeability 45%-55% (related to the use of the environment)

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