Why do customers like to customize RFID Tags?

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As one of the main means of automatic data acquisition, RFID technology is an indispensable part of the RFID system. However, in most cases, tags are not universal, but can choose different electronic tags according to the needs of the scene.

application scenario of rfid tag produces

1. On working frequency

Low-frequency RFID tags, high-frequency RFID tags, ultra-high-frequency RFID tags. Different frequencies of RFID tags apply different scenarios, and different working conditions need to choose different frequencies of RFID tags.

2. Power supply mode

The power supply mode is divided into passive RFID tag, semi-active RFID tag and active passive RFID tag.

3. Scope of application

Closed-loop and open-loop

4. Reading and Writing Types

According to the types of reading and writing, it can be divided into three categories: read-only card, write multiple data at a time, and read-write. According to the needs of different scenarios, different types of reading and writing are selected.

common chip types and parameters

5. Use environment

For the same frequency band products, because of the different use environment, different packaging forms and installation methods, there are also huge differences. Take HF RFID tags for example, for payment and identity management, often in the form of PVC cards; for anti-counterfeiting traceability, you can choose FRAGILE paper or copperplate paper RFID tags.

The same application of the same frequency band products, because of the particularity of the problems encountered by customers, will also have certain differences. For example, when HF fragile label is used for tracing milk powder, if the surface of milk powder can is made of plastic, it can be directly pasted. If it is made of metal, it is necessary to consider adding a layer of absorbing material. After adding the absorbing material, we have to test and evaluate it in the simulated environment, and finally we can get the most suitable RFID product label for you.

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