Proximity Cards

When talking about proximity cards, we often equate them with access cards. Yes, it has a very good performance in access control management. But in fact, its definition and function are far more than that.

Proximity Cards include contactless ID cards, contactless magnetic cards, and all RFID cards. And RFID LF chips, HF chips, UHF chips all are available. Except for the standard card, it also can be any shapes, such as RFID keyfob.

Xinyetong provides a variety of proximity cards for you. We support customization service and wholesale. You can tell us what type of proximity cards you want, we can configure for you. Most importantly, in Xinyetong, you have no need to worry about the quality problem, delivery delay, and other problems you always meet. Any questions, feel free to contact us.

PRICE: $0.22-$0.25/ Piece

Compared with standard cards, ID Thick Card is thicker, with a thickness of 1.8mm. It is the most economical proximity card with a portable hole and an ID number. But the card number is allowed to written once, unchangeable after sealed.

PRICE: $0.14-$0.22/ Piece

Proximity IC Card is also called a contactless IC card or RFID Card. Powered by RFID technology, it can achieve automatic identification without touch the transponder. This Printable blank proximity IC card is white and you can print any pattern that you want.

PRICE: $0.08-$1.20/ Piece

Almost all of the RFID cards belong to proximity cards because they can achieve contactless identification. What’s more, they are multifunctional. The common RFID cards are membership cards, access control cards, hotel key cards, bus cards, and so on.

PRICE: $0.55-$1.55/ Piece

RFID keyfob varies from the standard card in appearance. With a keychain, it is easy to use and not easy to lose. Various colors, shapes, chips are available. RFID keyfob is often equipped with LF chips. It is cheap and is a perfect solution for access control.

PRICE: $0.14-$0.22/ Piece

RFID Epoxy Card adopts a special glue dripping process, smooth and exquisite in appearance. It is approximately the most good-looking proximity cards. Also, it can be embedded with any RFID chips according to your needs. Like the RFID keyfob, it is convenient to use.

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