Hitag2 Chip Card

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Hitag2 chip card, one of LF Proximity Card, operates on 125 kHz. Compared to the other 125 kHz RFID cards, the Hitag2 chip card is a little expensive, but it has better safety performance and RF performance. It has a storage capacity of 256 bits and the data may be transmitted enciphered.

Besides, the Hitag2 chip has multi-mode capabilities, can operate on different read and write devices and baud rates, and supports multiple communication protocols, that the reason you can see it in various contactless applications.


The HITAG2 chip card is often made of PVC or PET material and you can customize it as same as the size, color, pattern, etc. The most important part, the HITAG2 chip, directly determines the performance and function of this card. The chip’s features as follows and you can download the complete HITAG2 Data Sheet to learn more.

  • Data transmission and energy supply via RF link, no internal battery

  • Reading distance same as writing distance

  • Nov-volatile memory of 256 bits (128-bit user data and 128-bit control data/secret memory) organized in 8 pages, 4 bytes each

  • 10 years non-volatile data retention

  • 10000 erase/write cycles

  • Selective read/write protection of memory content

  • Two coding schemes for read operation: Biphase and Manchester coding

  • Effective communication protocol with outstanding data integrity check

  • Mutual authentication function

  • Read/write mode allows:

    ➤ Plain data transmission (password mode)

    ➤ Encrypted data transmission (crypto mode)

  • In read/write mode multi-tag operation possible because of special HALT-function

  • Emulation of standard industrial read-only transponders:

    ➤ public-mode A (MIRO and transponder from μEM (H400x)

    ➤ Public-mode B (according to ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 for animal identification

    ➤ Public-mode C (PIT compatible mode)


In addition to the general application of access control, the HITAG2 chip card is also widely used in the following applications:

  • Logistics

  • Livestock tracking

  • Asset tracking

  • Gas cylinder ID

  • Casino – gambling

  • Industrial automation


Card packaging
Volume Chip Card: 200pcs cards with chips in one box, 2000/3000pcs per carton
Common Card: 250pcs per box, 2500/3000pcs per carton
Inkjet White Card: 230pcs per box, 3450pcs per carton
Weight Chip Card: 6.5KG for 1000pcs
Common Card: 6.0KG for 1000pcs
Carton Size 49*23*16CM (for 2000/2500pcs)
49*23*20CM (for 3000pcs)
Special demands for packing available.
Delivery Time Generally, 3 days for DHL/FedEx/UPS, 10 days for air shipping,18 days for sea shipping.
Shipping DHL/TNT/FEDEX /UPS ,By Air / Sea or as required

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