RFID Laundry Tag For Hospital Hotel Clothes Management

RFID Laundry tag can help manage textiles, linen and clothing assets efficiently.

By combining the efficiency of real-time inventory management with the expanded scope and accuracy of revolutionary UHF tagging technology, customers will greatly improve the receipt, transportation and tracking of assets while maintaining low costs by improving workflow and efficiency.

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These RFID Laundry tags are made of polyester material and antenna design, made on the front, and have a reading range of up to 1-7 meters.

The industry’s thinnest, washable UHF RFID label is flexible, soft and sturdy, making it ideal for flat linen and clothing.

The design of the label and the super-rugged properties of the material are designed for long-term deployment, with approximately 200 washes, allowing the label to be reused in another linen product over the expected life cycle, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership.


  • Can be read in groups
  • Soft material
  • Resistant to high temperature washing
  • Industrial washing of not less than 200 times
  • Waterproof
  • High temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Pressure resistance



ItemRFID Laundry Tag For Hospital Hotel Clothes Management
MaterialHigh temperature resistant washing cloth
ChipU Code 8/U Code 7/H3 etc.
MemoryEPC 96bits User 32bits
R/WRead/ Write
ProtocolISO/IEC 18000 6C
Size70mm * 15mm * 1.4mm/82mm*17mm/60mm*20mm
Reading distance0-10m
Working Temperature-25℃ to 65℃
Washing130℃ (255℉) for 60 minutes
Pre-drying180℃ (352℉) for 40 minutes
Ironing200℃ (365℉) for 5 minutes
Sterilization treatment150℃ (295℉) for 50 minutes
Dehydration pressure60bars

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