The Role of RFID Technology in Medical Asset Management

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In order to meet the demand of fine management of medical devices in hospitals, and to realize information and modern medical equipment management, "RFID technology" is coming on the scene.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), also known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), is a kind of communication technology. It can identify specific targets by radio signals and read and write related data without establishing mechanical or optical contact between the recognition system and specific targets. RFID technology has the characteristics of simple operation, large amount of information, safety and reliability, fast information collection, flexibility and practicability. It can read RFID tags through the harsh environment that snow, fog, ice, paint, dust and barcode can not use.

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The application of RFID technology in the life cycle management of medical equipment includes purchasing, warehousing, asset inventory, economic benefit analysis, equipment maintenance and maintenance until scrap.

Construction of RFID Technology Information Platform

The management information of hospital equipment department is huge, which requires the precision of equipment "identity" management. RFID meets these requirements. It can meet the needs of accurate equipment management and generate "medical equipment information card" accurately and quickly.

When a new equipment is checked and collected by hospital engineers, the name, specifications, models, codes, departments and commissioning time of relevant equipment are input, so as to establish a "medical information equipment card" - RFID. When the RFID tag is printed out, it is pasted in the place where the device is not easy to touch. Then, the scanner gun is used to input the accurate equipment information quickly and connect to the database of the hospital system. It can track the changes of the equipment from all the information of equipment users, equipment assets composition, asset nature and so on.

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1. Inventory of Equipment Purchase

The links of storage and discharge of medical equipment can be easily recorded in the RFID link. The RFID serial numbers generated in different batches are unique, and can be achieved if specified. In and out of the warehouse are scanned, the same batch of use, the number of goods will be automatically adjusted, and easy to query.

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2. Inventory of Fixed Assets

Fixed assets management of hospital equipment is an important part of hospital management. It uses modern information technology to achieve efficient management and establish RFID management system assets. It can clearly understand the physical location and quantity of equipment and other related information, which can greatly improve work efficiency.

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3. Depreciation of Equipment

Depreciation of medical equipment is also an important work in equipment management. Recovery of the value of scrapped fixed assets can not lead to the loss of fixed assets. The information management using RFID technology finds that depreciated equipment is abnormal, which can be settled directly in the network, and it is convenient to use the price ratio.

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The application of RFID technology reduces the tedious workload of the hospital equipment department, plays a cross-era significance for the whole life cycle management of hospital equipment, and promotes the process of hospital modernization management.

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