What will happen to the label and packaging industry in 2019?

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The next 12-18 months will be an important period for the label industry. It seems that the development of many technologies and enterprises will further promote the development of this industry, and at the same time, it is expected that there will be major industry changes. For example, the enhancement of automation and the introduction of artificial intelligence will promote the development of label printing industry more effectively and greatly improve production efficiency.

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In 2018, the printing industry, especially non-label printing, has undergone transformation, upgrading and transformation. It can be said that there are opportunities and challenges. So in the coming year of 2019, what kind of development will the label-related printing industry usher in? These mogulbring you new ideas...

Avery Dennison Vice President and General Manager, North America:Nick tucci

In 2017, we predicted that 2018 would be an important year for smart tag and sustainable development, which is undoubtedly correct. Smart tag, especially RFID technology, are being applied to other fields from successful use cases in the garment and footwear industries. Combining these business cases with some of the breakthroughs we are going to make in 2019, we believe that 2019 will be another growth year for smart labels and smart packaging. In 2019, the company's top priority is to focus on waste throughout the value chain to ensure that more recyclable products are available. Not only does the company's products support or not hinder recycling, but we are also vigorously promoting the cooperation of the entire value chain to reduce the waste of RFID tags. After all these efforts, we are proud of what we have achieved so far, but we still have a bigger, longer-term present, some of which we will achieve in 2019. Overall, we believe that 2019 will be a year of major changes in our industry and the wider ecosystem. We are ready for change and look forward to working with our customers, partners and suppliers to create the future.

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General Manager of Creation Reprographics: Matt francklow

Sustainable packaging covers not only the production of renewable, recyclable or environmentally friendly materials, but also the entire design and production process. We expect that consumers, brand owners and suppliers will continue to increase their awareness of this issue after 2019, as the industry begins to view the supply chain of packaged products from a comprehensive and sustainable perspective. In addition to sustained attention to sustainable development, brands will also seek more exciting and interactive labels to help their products stand out in the increasingly fierce retail market. For example, by adding tag design attributes, special post-press and additional functions, we can provide consumers with some new and different things.

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Dr. Thomas Baumgartner, General Manager and Head of the Dry Adhesive Material Division of Herma

We see that for more and more direct customers, label printers and label users, sustainable development is not a fad, but a basic attitude. The plan includes a total ban on all kinds of plastic products and a substantial increase in recycling rates. These two topics are bound to affect our industry in 2019 and beyond, and trigger a lot of discussion. In this context, the paper label will play an increasingly important role in the future market. By eliminating the base paper, these labels can be used without leaving any residual material. However, traditional tags also have great potential to be exploited. Many small improvements can add up to big results.

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