Epson L800 Blank Inkjet PVC ID Card has the characters of waterproof, fast absorbing ink in double sides.

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Blank Inkjet Pvc Id Cards provides the services considering completely your idea.

Blank Inkjet PVC Card Descriptions:

Blank Inkjet PVC Card could be applied on any occasion. And it is hard to lose, suited for long-term preservation. They may have special characteristics, such as appearance, application, and potential value.
Our company, as the biggest supplier in China, provides the Blank Inkjet PVC Card. And the Blank Inkjet PVC Card can be directly printed by Epson or Canon.
We can provide customized products as your request.

Blank Inkjet PVC Card Specifications:

  • Printable Blank Inkjet PVC Card
  • Size:(CR80) 85x54x0.76mm
  • For Epson and Canon Printers

Our Inkjet PVC Card Advantage:

  1. Waterproof.
  2. Double side fast absorbing ink, instantly dry.
  3. Directly printing by Epson or Canon printer.
  4. Vivid color and high-resolution photo quality
  5. High glossy with tight and smooth edge PVC card
  6. Quick, easy, customized and professional to make PVC card.

The quality is not bad.
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