Are RFID Paper Tags Durable?

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In a common RFID system, tags are usually attached to the detected products. These RFID tags consist of a chip or integrated circuit connected to an antenna. Then this system is fixed to different types of tags, such as labels, security tags, or apparel hand tags. The RFID chip can store electronic product code and other information so that it can be tracked anywhere by RFID readers. 

Nowadays, common RFID tags, usually made of paper, do not contain plastic inlays. We call them RFID paper tags.  RFID paper tags are smart labels with an RFID chip, which can be programmed and printed. It comprises a face label for stamping barcode and human-readable information.

RFID paper tags are generally lesser in prices than RFID plastic tags. And they are also equipped with a smart antenna system. The antenna in RFID paper tags is generally thinner and better in performance than that present in common RFID tags. 

For application in tough warehouses, you need a tag that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and also dust and debris. RFID paper tags are manufactured keeping all such conditions in mind and are ideal for various industrial purposes. Certain dry inlays that contain RFID chip and antenna attached to a substrate are laminated by the manufacturers to enhance their durability.

RFID Paper Tags More Durable Than Barcodes?

RFID paper tags are more durable and reliable than a simple barcode. They can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be attached to the clothes or other products in shopping malls for accurate and fast calculation of bills. And they can also be fastened to vehicles for calculation and collection of toll taxes. 

RFID paper labels and barcode surface materials are paper, but why is RFID Paper tag more durable? Let’s take a look at how they work, and you can get understand this reason.

Bar code recognition is based on the principle of photoelectric conversion. The barcode scanning head emits a light source to illuminate the bar code. And the black and white stripes of the bar code reflect light differently. Then the scanning head converts the reflected light into an electrical signal. The data is decoded according to the code specifications.

So, once the bar code is damaged or stained, it cannot be read. Its Anti-pollution ability and durability are poor. And the data cannot be modified after the bar code is generated and printed.

Unlike bar code, RFID paper tag uses a non-contact automatic identification technology. It uses RF signals to identify the target object and obtain relevant data. The identification work does not need human intervention.

The data of RFID paper tags are stored in the RFID chip. Even if the label surface is defaced, as long as it does not affect the RFID chip, it can work well. In general, the life of RFID chips is as long as ten years. If you use other more durable packaging materials, such as PCB, ABS, the RFID tag will be more durable.

What are the Common RFID Paper Tags?

NFC Paper Tag

NFC paper tag is made of paper material embedded NFC chip. You may often see them on someone’s phone or laptop, or even on your company conference room or smart billboards on the side of the road. In short, this NFC paper sticker is smart and multi-function. And you can put it anywhere to achieve various interactive functions. For example, using it set an alarm for yourself, create a Wifi hotspot, etc.

RFID Paper Tag

RFID paper tags are made of coated paper, waterproof, and durable. They can embed an LF chip, HF chip, or UHF chip according to the applications. They are widely used in asset management, library management, logistics management, etc. They have an adhesive layer, easy to use. Attach them to the object item, it can achieve tracking and identification functions.

Paper Anti-metal Tag

RFID Anti-metal tag is designed for applications that need to be attached to the metal surface. It is made of paper and has a special layer, making it work well on the metal surface. Anti-metal paper tag has wide applications. For example, metal asset management, vehicle management, tool management, and other metal applications.

RFID Paper Card

RFID paper card is another paper tag. Like all other RFID paper tags, it can embed all frequencies band RFID chips. The size varies. It can be as same as the standard card, and it can be customized. You can always see it as ticket cards or clothing hangtags or library cards. This RFID card is printable, and you can print any pattern on it. It is not a simple paper card, multi-function, and easy to use.

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