RFID Adhesive Labels

Home RFID Tags RFID Adhesive Label has a special design with an adhesive layer that can be easy to peel off and stick on the target object. You can choose LF chips, HF chips, or UHF chips to embed in it according to the applications. RFID Adhesive Tags widely apply to asset management, library management, jewelry tracking, […]

Woven RFID Clothing Tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags In the process of garment processing, the application of RFID Clothing Tag technology can not only standardize the production process of garments, but packaged bulk garments are tested by RFID tablet equipment, which enables inventory visibility throughout the supply chain reducing shrinkage and out-of-stocks. Ask For Price Details Specification Download […]

RFID Hang tag For Clothing

rfid hang tag uhf

Previous Next Home RFID Tags UHF RFID clothing hang tag works with EPC C1G2 (ISO18000-6C) standard and it fits for all 860-960mhz UHF RFID readers and antennas. With UHF RFID Chip Alien H3, Impinj M4QT etc inside and with the shape of hang tag that’s for attire intelligent management. Ask For Price Details Specification Download […]

UHF RFID Animal Ear Tag

rfid animal ear tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags UHF RFID Animal Ear tag can be used in large or medium size livestock or animals, such as pig, cow, lamb, horse, deer, and so on.  RFID Animal Ear tags are often custom printed with tag data, logo, ranch name, and are available in multiple colors. RFID, Inc.’s ISO standard […]

Headlight RFID Tag With UHF Antenna

headlight rfid tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags The UHF Headlight RFID tag is predicated on passive UHF technology. The tag doesn’t contain A battery and is maintenance-free. The UHF Headlight Tag may be a transparent adhesive to permit quick and straightforward installation onto the headlight of the vehicle. The thin, flexible, UHF sticker format is straightforward to […]

Long Range Alien H3 UHF RFID Card Manufacturer

Alien H3 UHF RFID Card

Previous Next Home RFID Cards If you’re looking for a UHF RFID card, I’d strongly recommend the Alien H3 UHF card: Alien H3 UHF RFID Card has industry-leading RF performance in complex RF environments. It has more storage capacity and can provide enough flexibility for local storage or large-bit EPC. Alien H3 UHF RFID Card […]

Blank Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Sticker

Previous Next Home RFID Tags Blank Ultra High Frequency (UHF) sticker, or passive RFID sticker, is comprised of an RFID UHF inlay and a barcode sticker, which is then printed and encoded by our UHF printers. we provide blank labels or, if you’re interested, we will pre-print/encode your RFID labels for you. Ask For Price Details Specification Download Contact Us Details […]

Small UHF Pcb Tags for Tool Management

Previous Next Home RFID Tags Small UHF Pcb Tags are mainly used for the management of tools, such as high-speed rail, aircraft, cars, equipment tools, etc. Small UHF Pcb Tags are formed PCB material with the performance of waterproof, anti-metal, anti-drop, which is that the best choice for the outdoor/indoor asset tracking. There are holes […]

RFID PCB Anti-metal Tag For Asset Tracking

uhf pcb anti metal tag

Previous Next Home RFID Tags RFID PCB Anti-metal Tag is additionally referred to as metal RFID tag, anti-metal RFID label, metal adhesive RFID label. it’s made from special rubber magnetic sticky film and electronic append its backside. this sort of tag technically successfully solves the difficulty of unable to read the RFID when it’s attached to […]

RFID Laundry Tag For Hospital Hotel Clothes Management

Previous Next Home RFID Tags RFID Laundry tag can help manage textiles, linen and clothing assets efficiently. By combining the efficiency of real-time inventory management with the expanded scope and accuracy of revolutionary UHF tagging technology, customers will greatly improve the receipt, transportation and tracking of assets while maintaining low costs by improving workflow and efficiency. […]