Small UHF Pcb Tags for Tool Management

Small UHF Pcb Tags are mainly used for the management of tools, such as high-speed rail, aircraft, cars, equipment tools, etc.

Small UHF Pcb Tags are formed PCB material with the performance of waterproof, anti-metal, anti-drop, which is that the best choice for the outdoor/indoor asset tracking. There are holes both sides and back sticker for the installation.

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  • Good RF performance when installed on metal surface
  • 100% gone through EU label- conformity test system
  • 100% gone through internal storage write-in testing
  • Material texture and design both gone through reliability testing
  • Being used both domestic and abroad with good reputation


  • Printed paper can be stick to its surface
  • Nice silk screen printing available on surface
  • Laser coding on surface
  • Changeable QR code or complex pattern and painting available on surface
  • Easy installation
  • Outdoor usage available after painting  its surface


  • Warehouse shelves and vehicle management
  • IT case management
  • Middle-sized and large metal container management
  • Electrical box and electrical facilities management
  • Indoor & Outdoor Metal office facilities ~ management
  • Personnel patrolling ~ management
  • Fixed assets management


Air protocolEPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Working frequency902-928MHz(EU standard available . customized)
Chip typeImpinj M4QT,Customized
Chip storage M4QTchip:EPC 128bits, user reserve 512bits
Read/write performancereadable/writeable
Data storage span50 years
Warranty1 years
Main materialFR4
Surface colorBlack,red,blue,green,white,etc.
Size10mm *10mm* 3mm/10mm*05mm*3mm/12mm*07mm*3mm/13mm*09mm*3mm/22mm*08mm*3mm,etc.
Positioning hole sizediameter 3.6mm
Diameter 3.6mm, its central distance 64.4mm-25℃-85℃
Storage temperature-30℃-11℃
Storage humidity5%-95%
Way to installby screw , rivet, super glue , 3M300LSE Double-sided gum
Packingby cartoon box
Drop testcompleted by dropping 200 times 1 meter above land
Alcohol testcompleted by 95% alcohol concentration
Gasoline testcompleted by scrubbing on 92 # gasoline
High-low temperature alternating testcompleted by alternating the high-low temperature test between -40℃-150℃ for 7 times within 2 successive days
RoHSraw material SGS passed
IP classIP63 , upgraded to IP65 after paint spraying
Fixed reader and writer (on metal)over 1m ,( 4W EIRP, Alien9900 typs, other brand may cause data difference )
Handheld reader and writer(on metal)over 1.5m ,( Alien9011types , other brand may cause data difference)
Polarization waylinear polarization
RF performance conformity test100% completed by Voyantic Tagformace tester from Finland
Optionslaser coding , surface logo silk screen printing , painting on surface ,pre-write-in, changeable QR code or complex pattern