RFID Paper Blocking Sleeve

Are you worried about the security of your RFID credit card? Then put it in the RFID blocking card sleeve, it can prevent the RFID signal from being stolen and protect your information from disclosure.

This RFID blocking sleeve we recommend is mainly made of paper material. It looks like an ordinary paper sleeve, but there has a metallic layer added inside that makes it effective at blocking RFID signals. Xinyetong RFID sleeves support customization, high quality, and low cost.

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There are two sizes of RFID blocking sleeves. One is designed for credit cards, bank cards, and other smart cards, the size is 89×58mm. And the other is designed for passports, the size is 135*92mm. Of course, you can customize it, including size, color, craft, etc.


  • Easy to use, just put your RFID credit card into RFID sleeve.
  • Anti demagnetization and waterproof
  • Good shielding performance, fully protect the card information security
  • Blocking Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960 MHz
  • An RFID blocking sleeve usually holds one RFID credit card
  • Various styles, crafts, colors that you can choose
  • Support for customized services


  • RIFD bank card
  • RFID credit card
  • RFID passport
  • RFID bus card
  • RFID subway card
  • RFID insurance medical card
  • RFID membership card
  • RFID access card
  • Other RFID cards


ItemRFID Paper Blocking Sleeve
MaterialPaper + Metallic layer
Blocking Frequency125khz/13.56mhz/860-960mhz
Block TypeLF/HF/UHF signals
ColorCan be printing as your requirement
Block AreaMainly block RFID credit card, debit card, and passport, stop RFID signal to copy your card information.
Size89*58mm for credit cards ;
135*92mm for passport sleeve or customized
Printing MethodCMYK offset printing
Colorfull-color printing
CraftSpot UV, silver /gold hot stamping
Packing100pcs per box, 500 /1000/ 2000pcsper carton
SamplesFree samples are available upon request

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