RFID Blocking Wallet

How to protect our RFID card from theft by electronic thieves? Ordinary wallets cannot meet our needs anymore. You need a safer wallet-RFID blocking wallet. This RFID wallet has a special design built-in RFID protection-a completely aluminum case. It can prevent RFID signals from reading by crook without you noticing and protect your information on RFID cards.

This RFID wallet is simple and generous, designed for men. It is easy to carry and can be placed in pockets or handbags. Compared with RFID blocking sleeve, it has a larger capacity and can hold six RFID cards. If you don’t like this one, it doesn’t matter. Tell us what you want. We can customize it for you.


  • Using PU leather: soft and durable, greater tensile strength, better air permeability
  • Special design: the aluminum case like a Faraday cage to protect RFID cards
  • It has an automatic switch that is convenient to pick credit cards
  • Easy to use, just put your RFID credit card into the metal case of your wallet
  • Anti demagnetization and better shielding performance
  • The style is simple and generous, very suitable for men
  • Blocking Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960 MHz
  • A large capacity: it can hold six RFID cards
  • Various styles, crafts, colors that you can choose
  • Support for customized services


  • RIFD bank card
  • RFID credit card
  • RFID passport
  • RFID bus card
  • RFID subway card
  • RFID insurance medical card
  • RFID membership card
  • RFID access card
  • Other RFID cards


Item RFID Wallet
Material Aluminum alloy + leather
Capacity Hold 6pcs cards
Blocking Frequency 125khz/13.56mhz/860-960mhz
Block Type LF/HF/UHF signals
Color Choosable
Block Area Mainly block RFID credit card, debit card, and passport, stop RFID signal to copy your card information.
Size 100X63 MM
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 65g
Packing 1pcs in one box
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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