RFID Module Blocking Card

RFID blocking card is the most common RFID blocker to protect our RFID smart card signal from illegal theft. Unlike other anti-thief cards, this RFID protector is through the special blocking module to shield the signal with a better performance. Just put one RFID module blocking card in your wallet, and it can protect all RFID cards.

Compared with other physical shielding technologies, such as adding aluminum foil and metal sheets in the middle of the card, using the latest blocking module to shield the signal is the best and safest way.


RFID blocking cards are generally made of PVC, and the size is the same as the bank card size, 85.5 x 54mm (CR80). This RFID protector is easy to use, especially the card shielded by the module, which has better shielding performance. As long as it is stacked with the bank card, ID card, and other smart cards, then the infinite signal of the smart card will be effectively blocked. No matter what equipment the lawbreakers use, they can’t steal your card information and protect your information security.


  • Design and production using RFID integrated circuit chip
  • Easy to use, can be inserted in the wallet like a credit card
  • Using RFID passive design, no need to replace the battery
  • Reference blocking range: 3-5cm (exact range depends on tested reader/scanner, test method, etc.)
  • Blocking Frequency: 13.56MHz (RFID credit card, RFID bank card, RFID debit card are 13.56MHz )
  • Just put only 1pcs in the wallet, to protect all cards
  • Various chips, crafts, colors that you can choose
  • Support for customized services


It is widely used in the field of RIFD blocking such as bank card, ID card, city card, bus card, subway card, time card, corporate card, membership card, commercial retail card, insurance medical card, school card, etc.


Item RFID (module) blocking card
Material PVC
Blocking Frequency 13.56MHz
RFID (credit, bank, debit ) cards are 13.56MHz
Structure Blocking module
Color Can be printing as your requirement
Reference Blocking Range 3-5cm
Thickness 1.2-1.5 mm
Size CR80 ( 85.5mmX54mm )or customized
Printing Method CMYK offset printing
Weight per card approx 12-13g
Code Craft laser code, flat code, UV code
Packing 100pcs per box, 500 /1000/ 2000pcsper carton
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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