RFID Metal Layer Blocking Card

If you are looking for an affordable RFID blocking card, then you can consider this one- RFID metal layer blocking card. This anti-thief card has a special layer-aluminum cloth that can block the signal emit from RFID cards. It is an economical solution for protecting your credit cards, RFID passport, and other RFID cards.

Except for the 13.56MHz frequency, this RFID blocking card can also block 125KHz and 860-960 MHz frequency, to protect RFID cards at all frequencies. And there is another feature that it is thinner and can be as thin as 0.76-1.5mm (commonly 0.9-1.0mm).

Like the RFID module blocking card, the RFID metal layer blocking card can be customized and has many colors and crafts that you can choose. But when using RFID metal layer cards, we need to pay attention to how to use them. Because it uses physical shielding technology, we need to sure the anti-thief card completely covered RFID cards. It is best to put at least 2pcs in the wallet, sandwich all RFID cards in the middle, to better protect our credit cards.


  • Design and production using RFID integrated circuit chip
  • Easy to use, can be inserted in the wallet like a credit card
  • Using RFID passive design, no need to replace the battery
  • Reference blocking range: The RFID blocking card must be 100% cover RFID cards
  • Blocking Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960 MHz
  • Need to put at least 2pcs in the wallet, sandwich all the (credit, debit, bank, etc.) cards in the middle
  • Various chips, crafts, colors that you can choose
  • Support for customized services


It is widely used in the field of RIFD blocking such as bank card, ID card, city card, bus card, subway card, time card, corporate card, membership card, commercial retail card, insurance medical card, school card, etc.


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