Epoxy RFID Keyfob For Access Control System

Product Code: Epoxy RFID Keyfob

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ChipLF: TK4100 EM4200 T5577 EM4305 EM4450 Hitag 1/2
HF: F08 S50 S70 Ultralight(C) Ntag 213/215/216/I Code 2
ProtocolLF: ISO 7815/11784/11785
SizeDiameter 20mm / 25mm/30mmn or customized
MemoryRead & Write
MaterialEpoxy+ PVC
Write endurance100000 times
ApplicationsTicketing, Identification, Loyalty&Membership, Cashless payment, Transportation, Secure PC log-on, Physical access, Time & Attendance
Worked perfectly for what I needed them for, no issues writing them and the price was right.
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