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UHF Waterproof ABS Anti-Metal RFID TAG

UHF anti-metal abs RFID tag has excellent and stable identification performance, reading distance can reach 8 meters, and therefore the price is low. It’s easy to connect to metal surfaces.

Rugged RFID hard tags are also good for item identification, process control, factory automation, access control, and security. What’s more, internal control, supply chain management, and enormous rental equipment also workable.

IF you are mounting RFID Tags on a metallic surface, please noted that the RFID reader cannot read the RFID tags. Only specially designed material for metal-mount RFID tags are often workable.

UHF anti-metal abs RFID tag is suitable for attaching to a metal surface and dealing normally. It’s an honest waterproof property, and therefore the protection level reaches IP65. The interior antenna is specially designed, which may be fixed on metal surfaces.


  • Long-range read distance(0-10m)
  • Anti-collision communication protocol
  • Can effectively read up to 50 tags per second
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Waterproof and Durable
  • Easy to install


  • Warehouse shelves and vehicle management
  • IT case management
  • Middle-sized and large metal container management
  • Electrical box and electrical facilities management
  • Indoor & Outdoor Metal office facilities management
  • Metal container management
  • Forklift, vehicle management


Compliance EPC Class1 Gen2; ISO18000-6C
Frequency 902-928MHz
Chip Impinj M4QT/R6
Memory M4QT:EPC 128bits, user:512bits
Read/write Yes (EPC and User)
Data Storage 50 years
Warranty 5 years
Material Industrial polymer material
Dimension 85mm *20mm*11mm
Positioning hole size diameter 3.8mm, its central distance 76mm
Storage Temperature -25℃~+70℃
Operating Temperature -40℃~ +70℃
Storage humidity 5%~95%
Installation Method -by screw , rivet, super glue , 3M300LSE Double-sided gum (standard )
Weight 10g
Package Antistatic bag and carton
Color grey white ,color customized with MOQ 10000pcs
Drop Test 1 meters high, 200 drop test passed
Alcohol test 95% alcohol test passed
Delivery format Single
High&low temperature shock test -40  ℃ ~ +150℃, 7 cycles, total 48 hours
RoHS Compatible
IP class IP65
Read distance on metal surface Up to 6 meters (EIRP=4W)
  Up to 4 meters ( With ATID AT880 handheld reader)
Polarization way Linear polarization
RF performance consistency test 100% tested by Voyantic Tagformace
Options Surface LOGO ,barcode printing, pre-encoding

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