Was NFC really unable to make improvements?

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All along, the domestic mobile payment development is based on NFC and two-dimensional code of competition, but the payment of two-dimensional code has been expanding from online to offline, such as business, catering, taxi or even to super street stalls. And now even NFC the last territory "proud of the traffic has been paid penetration, swept the two-dimensional code to pay any that imagine the scene.

The convenience of mobile payment brings people a more quick and simple payment of life, but also brings a historic payment revolution. Now with Alipay and WeChat to pay two-dimensional code payment played naked force, are there opportunities for NFC to stag reversal?

The payment of the market has circulated a variety of payment, iris vein sonic payment, brush face payment, but the huge market is still being paid by the two-dimensional code "rule". The convenience of mobile payments brings more rapid and simple payment of life, but also bring up a historic payment revolution.

In fact, when mobile payment has not yet been so popular, NFC has been placed high hopes for future payment. But because of various reasons, the development of NFC is not satisfactory, and it has been completely lost to the two-dimensional code payment technology.

NFC, the whole course of this word is called Near Filed Communication, which means near field communication. That is to say, when two NFC mobile phones are near, they can communicate with each other wireless. At present, the NFC on the market is divided into three modes, read and write mode, point to point mode and the most advanced card simulation model.

Read and write mode and point to point mode are common in the past. Functions are mainly used for data communication, but the amount of data transmitted is very small, like Bluetooth. Though Bluetooth, WIFI can also achieve such a function, but it takes a long time. NFC, with a gentle touch, completes the pairing, convenient and quick, without unnecessary operations. And the card simulation model is the most advanced. As the name implies, the simulation shows that this function can be used to simulate the read information of other cards so that the card can be used in a variety of environments.

It is also based on this function. Before that, NFC was mainly applied in the field of payment, combining this technology with mobile phones. Now it is Apple Pay, Xiaomi Pay, Samsung Pay, HUAWEI Pay, and so on. In 2016 February, by NFC Apple Pay Chinese entered the market, while on the first day of harvest 30 million tied to the card user. But after a year, the two-dimensional code is paid to Alipay and WeChat payment played naked force.

Of course, NFC is not without advantages, and has its own advantages in fast payment. NFC only need to touch the card reader, and you can wake up the screen and enter a password to complete the payment. Because the terminal transmission at the frequency of 13.56MHz NFC can run at 10 cm distance, and has bidirectional authentication and data encryption in terms of security means, which has a great advantage.

However, the high cost of NFC requires businesses to install related card equipment, which leads to a sharp decline in the use of NFC in the market. Especially in the B end market, small and micro businesses are more concerned about the cost of operation, and because the use of two-dimensional code payment threshold is lower, red packets, incentives and other preferential ways to attract business attention.

In addition, technically, NFC is much better than a two-dimensional code, both in convenience and in security. The use of NFC only needs to touch the card, and the mobile phone screen is automatically awakened, direct input password can be completed within 3 seconds. But advanced technology does not necessarily win the market. Advanced technology also means higher application requirements. There are many factors that affect the success rate of two-dimensional code recognition, such as the distance and angle of scanning code, the brightness and so on.

According to AI media consulting data shows that in the first half of 2017, together with the mobile payment market over 90% share of Alipay, WeChat to pay. Market concentration is high, that the mobile payment market entered the mature period, Alipay, WeChat paid an initial duopoly market structure.

Was NFC really unable to make improvements? Perhaps from the advantage of the two-dimensional code, it also has the opportunity. For example, the payment of the two-dimensional code is in the field of traffic with popularity, fees, credit card payment of several major advantages, and NFC technology can be also based on their own advantages from these aspects. However, this is not an easy thing. Otherwise, NFC will not come as today.

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Last update: Jan 08, 2020

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