RFID Pallet Tags

RFID Pallet Tags are a perfect solution for returnable pallets and container tracking and management. Installing the tags on the pallets, it can achieve automatic identification, storage, and retrieval. This effective method will save more time and much money in asset & logistic tracking, warehouse management.

Xinyetong RFID pallet tags are good and cheap. And our RFID Pallet tags are available in multiple options including material, size, chip, color, etc. Besides, we support customization service. Tell us what type of pallet tags you want, we can assemble any products according to your requirements.

What is in stock below is not all the RFID pallet tags that Xinyetong offers. They are common RFID pallet tags for your reference. Different applications need different pallet tags. If you don’t know how to choose the appropriate RFID pallet tags, feel free to contact us and we can give you professional advice.

RFID pallet tags

860~960 MHz ABS Anti-Metal Tag

UHF ABS anti-metal tag is a good pallet tag because it can work normally in rugged environments. It features waterproof, high-temperature resistance, long-range read distance. It is suitable for asset management, logistic tracking, supply chain management, etc.

UHF Waterproof ABS Anti-Metal Tag

Want a colorful RFID pallet tag? This ABS anti-metal tag is a good choice. It has all the properties of ABS material, such as waterproof, heat-resisting, durable. This tag works on 860~960 MHz and has good RF performance that can effectively read up to 50 tags per second.

RFID pallet tags

ABS Pallet Tag with Two Installation Methods

This ABS pallet tag is very special. Two fixed forms allow you to choose in accordance with specific applications. It has a 3M adhesive layer and two holes so that you can stick it to the pallet, or you can fix it with screws. It can be used in wooden, plastic, or metal pallet.

RFID pallet tags

ABS Anti-Metal Coin Tag With 3M Adhesive

ABS anti-metal coin tag provides another choice for pallet tracking. It is round with a 3M adhesive layer that can be attached to the target object. Is it easy to fall off? No. It is very sticky and does not fall easily. It is suitable for warehouse management.

RFID pallet tags

Small PCB Anti-metal Tag For Small Application

This Anti-metal tag is made of PCB material with the performance of waterproof, anti-metal, anti-drop. There are holes both sides and back sticker for the installation. It can be very small and it is the best choice for small applications, such as IT asset management.

RFID pallet tags

PCB Anti-metal Tag With 3M Adhesive

PCB anti-metal tags are also a common RFID pallet tags. This tag has a 3M back glue layer, so it can be easily installed on a plastic or metal pallet. Powered by an RFID chip, PCB anti-metal tag provides a more effective solution for pallet or container tracking.