Mifare 1k KeyFob

As the most classic RFID chip, Mifare 1K can be encapsulated in diverse forms, widely used in various applications. Mifare 1K key fob is one of them, easy to carry, and low cost, very suitable for access control. Xinyetong Mifare 1K key fobs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and materials that you can choose. The classic colors are red, black, blue, green, yellow, and gray, and the popular shapes are rectangular, square, and dripping. The common materials are

Mifare 1k Inlay

What is an inlay? The inlay is a term specific to the RFID industry. It is a semi-finished product, which can be encapsulated into different types of RFID tags. According to whether it contains back glue, Inlay is divided into Dry Inlay and Wet Inlay. RFID inlay supports a variety of chips, and the Mifare 1k Inlay is the one with the Mifare classic 1k chip. Xinyetong offers all kinds of RFID inlay and supports customization and wholesale, high quality

Mifare 1k NFC Tag

NFC tags integrate card reader and transponder into the same chip to enable close – range message interaction. They can satisfy information exchange, content access, service exchange between any two wireless devices, and makes it much easier. Mifare 1k NFC tag is the most classic NFC tag, which is equipped with the classic NFC chip Mifare 1k. Xinyetong offers all kinds of NFC tags, including the Mifare 1K NFC tag. Here, you can find any material, any chip, any size


Among the RFID chips of Type A, Mifare Classic 1K is the most representative one. It was born in 1994 and ushered in the era of contactless smart cards. Up to now, Mifare Classic 1K is still active in our daily life. For example, the MIFARE 1K RFID epoxy tag, which we will introduce next, has been widely used in access control, schools, Public transportation, etc. MIFARE Classic 1K RFID epoxy tag has the full features of the MIFARE Classic

Ntag215 PVC Wristband

Ntag215 PVC Wristband is a kind of NFC disposable wristband, made of multi-layer PVC materials and equipped with the Ntag215 chip. Compared with Ntag213 PVC wristband, Ntag215 PVC wristband has greater storage capacity: 504 bytes of user memory and 540 bytes of total memory. Xinyetong NFC PVC Wristband features multifunctional, waterproof, durable, and cost-effective, perfect for hospital management, maternal and child care, and all kinds of large-scale one-time events.

Ntag215 Paper Wristband

NFC paper wristbands have come into our daily life with the development of NFC technology. You can see it in a concert, hospital, swimming pool, etc. It is a cost-effective solution to achieve access control, identification, and tracking. Ntag215 paper wristband is the one that can provide better security and much more function. If you are looking for an NFC paper wristband with excellent performance, it is your best choice. Xinyetong, the RFID professional supplier, is capable of offering a

RFID Blocking Card

Are you looking for something to protect your personal information on your card? RFID blocking card is to your taste. XINYETONG offers many types of RFID blocking card for you to choose from. Our RFID blocking card uses the award winning RFID blocking material and features tear resistant, waterproof, durable, fit in any wallet. Widely used, not only for credit CARDS, all other RFID high-frequency cards are applicable, such as identity cards, smart cards, RFID driver’s licenses, etc. Support OEM

TK4100 Chip Card

Good products speak for themselves. Xinyetong TK4100 Chip Card has been exported to Southeast Asia Africa, Central America, South America, North America, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Mid East, Oceania, Northern Europe, Eastern Europe South Asia, Eastern Asia. Xinyetong TK4100 Card can be made into a white card or a color card and we can also provide customized products for you, such as color, size, style, etc. Don’t worry about the chromatic aberration of our TK4100 card. We use the high precision colorimeter to ensure