Custom RFID Paper Wristbands For Events


Previous Next Home RFID Wristbands Our RFID wristbands are more than just an accessory; they’re a powerful tool that enhances your event’s efficiency and security. When paired with RFID event software, these wristbands provide a seamless on-site experience, offering cashless payments, access control, and more. Designed for single-use events, our wristbands are made from durable, […]

2023 NEW RFID Silicone Wristband

2022 new RFID silicone wristband

Previous Next Home RFID Wristbands These silicone wristbands use radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to access your NFC enabled mobile device. Simply touch the band to your cell phone, or pull out your key card from your wristband and it’s ready to use! Multifunctional & Convenient RFID Silicone Wristbands are ideal for festivals, concerts, tours, […]

2022 New RFID Silicone Wristbands With Mifare 1k

new silicone wristbands

Previous Next Home RFID Wristbands These silicone wristbands with Mifare 1k can be used as identification lines, attendance control and access control. They are perfect for night clubs, large parties and concerts, events such as cruise ships or theme parks, where security is important. The reusable wristbands can be used over and over again. Of […]

Social media epoxy card with packaging

Previous Next Home RFID Cards The social media Tags of Xinyetong Factory are exquisitely packaged and can be customized. NTAG213 chips are commonly used, which are very popular among customers. Ask For Price Details Specification Contact Us Details FEATURES Corrosion-resistant, water-proof, and shock-proof Small and exquisite, easy to carry Contactless transmission of data and supply […]

Transparent RFID Epoxy Label

Previous Next Home RFID Tags Transparent RFID Epoxy Label is commonly used in the warehouse or anywhere asset tracking is required. It can withstand harsh environments. XINYETONG supports the OEM manufacture of epoxy RFID tags,If you want to know more details, please contact us. Ask For Price Details Specification Download Contact Us Details FEATURES Corrosion-resistant, water-proof, and shock-proof […]

NFC Anti-metal Epoxy Coin Card

Previous Next Home RFID Tags RFID coin tag is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. They are suitable for a variety of different RFID smart solutions, including access control, public transportation, parking lots, and ID recognition. If the IC is 13.56MHz, it can be used as an NFC tag, NFC tag, etc. Xinyetong specializes in the production […]

NFC Paper Tag

Home RFID Tags NFC paper tags have been produced and used NXP Ntag 213 chips. It has been developed to address, data storage, access control, etc.   NFC paper tag can store URLs, text, SMS, etc., which is frequently used in media, payment occations. Xinyetong can design a special NFC Paper tag for you. Also, you can give the artwork, and […]

ID Thick Card

Previous Next Home RFID Cards ID Thick Card often operates on 125 kHz frequency and it is ideal and low cost solution for access control. It has a ID number in EEPROM but unchangeable after sealed. This ID thick card has a portable hole and support screen printing of LOGO or text messages. Xinyetong ID thick […]

Mifare 4k Cards

Home RFID Cards Mifare 4K Cards are also known as S70 Cards. This smart card uses the Mifare IC S70 chip which is a mainstream contactless smart card IC. It conforms to the IEC/ISO 14443 protocol. The S70 chip has advanced data encryption and a two-way password authentication system. Compared with the S50 chip card, the S70 chip card has […]

NFC Wedding Invitation

NFC wedding card

Previous Next Home RFID Tags NFC Wedding Invitation is something that will make your wedding special and amazing. By the NFC chip, you can show more information to your families and friends like a video, voice, picture. Moreover, this is a unique wedding invitation card for every guest because it has a unique UID. Not only is it […]