125 kHz RFID Blank Card

125 kHz RFID Blank Card

Previous Next Home RFID Cards Here, you can find any LF RFID blank card you want, Non-printable or printable RFID blank card, TK4100 or EM4200 RFID blank card, etc. Exquisite craftsmanship, smooth and without burrs, no indentation. Operates at 125 kHz and compatible with various LF chips Low cost, high quality, and support customization. Fast […]

134.2Khz RFID Animal Ear Tag For Animal Management


Previous Next Home RFID Tags 134.2 kHz RFID Animal Ear Tag is specially designed for animal management and is usually used for tagging pigs, cow, lamb, horse, deer or other similar sorts of animals. it’s compliant with ISO 11784/5 FDX-B standard. This tag features a compact size, lightweight and high anti-collision capability. Ask For Price […]

Implanted RFID Animal Microchip

Previous Next Home RFID Tags RFID Animal Microchip may be a special design for animals like pets or wildlife. It is often anesthetized animals’ skin by a special syringe or via surgery. Also, it is often embedded in objects easy for extreme conditions because it’s a high resistance glass tube. The microchip may be a […]

125KHz RFID Keyfob

Previous Next Home RFID Cards Would you like to know about our 125KHz RFID keyfob? We can’t wait to share the magic of the RFID keyfob with you. 125KHz RFID keyfob is a low frequency tag, which is not easily disturbed by the external environment and has the strongest penetration to the medium. It is very […]

LF 125 kHz Non-standard Card

Previous Next Home RFID Cards Why choose Xinyetong? Here, you can get 125 kHz Non-standard Cards with good quality and low price and get to know a reliable partner. 12 Years of Experience. Rich experience and proven technique, you cannot find another professional and reliable partner than us. Support Customization. Our Non-standard cards come in various sizes, […]

Blank Key Cards With Mag Stripe Supplier

Previous Next Home RFID Cards Blank Key Cards and Mag Stripe cards are widely used in hotel access control,If you are looking for a supplier Now there’s a key card manufacturer that you’ll trust, to supply you with blank, generic or custom imprinted electronic lock cards at extremely competitive prices with excellent service, fast turnaround times. […]

Hitag2 Chip Card

Home RFID Cards Why choose our Hitag2 chip card? Choosing us, you will not encounter the following problems: Products have many quality problems, like chip instability, color difference, surface blister, rough workmanship, etc. Customer service staff is unprofessional and difficult to communicate. The delivery was late, the packing was poor and the quantity was short The quality is […]