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RFID Dog Tag With MIFARE Ultralight EV1 Chip

RFID pet tag can effectively manage your pet cat or dog. Each pet tag has its own unique UID, that can be used to identify your pet.

Each rfid pet tag can write pet information and other information you want to write.


  • Contactless power supply
  • Waterproof, chip life up to 10 years
  • Quickly read pet information
  • Can tie a pet with a beautiful rope.


Xinyetong can offer all kinds of RFID pet tag. There are diverse colors, various shapes, and different chips that you can choose. Here are some popular RFID key fob models as follows. If you don’t like these, please contact us and tell us what kind of RFID keyfob you want, we can make it for you.

StyleSizeAvailable Chip
24*29 mmMifare Ultralight EV1,Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
30*45 mmMifare Ultralight EV1,Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
42*46 mmMifare Ultralight EV1,Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.
35*45 mmMifare Ultralight EV1,Ntag213, Ntag215, Ntag216,etc.


Item ABS Rewritable T5577 Keyfob
Chip Mifare Ultralight EV1
Frequency 13.56 MHz
Eeprom 64 bytes
R/W Read/ Write
Protocol ISO 14443A
Color Custom
Size Custom
Reading distance 0-10cm
Write Endurance 100000 times
Working Temperature -25°C to 65°C
Data Retention Time 10 years
Printing Options Silk-screen printing, Laser Engraving, CMYK full color, Pantone, etc.
Crafts Available Logo or number printing, Bar code, QR code, etc.
Samples Free samples are available upon request

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