Explanation and Practical Application of NFC and RFID

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In our daily life, there are many uses of NFC and RFID products, such as our mobile phone's NFC function, fast order purchase, through the gate, links to use equipment, RFID products are more manifested in access cards, bank cards, clothing labels, asset management, unmanned supermarkets, payment, and so on. Today, asiarfid will explain the application of NFC and RFID for you.

the application of NFC and RFID

The practical application of NFC products:

The devices with built-in NFC functions are mainly mobile phones, and many tablets and Bluetooth audio devices have built-in NFC functions. There are five main types of applications of NFC technology on mobile phones:

1. Touch and Go (Touch and Go), such as access control, ticket and ticket management, users can store ticket or gate-controlled password devices close to card reader, and can also be used for logistics management.

2. Contact payment (Touch and Pay), such as non-contact mobile payment, allows users to close devices to POS machines embedded with NFC modules to make payments and confirm transactions.

3. Touch and Connect, such as connecting two NFC devices to carry out Peer-to-Peer data transmission, such as downloading music, image exchange and switching address books.

4. Touch and Explore. Users can browse traffic information by connecting NFC phones to smart public phones or posters with NFC functions on the street.

5. Load and Touch, users can receive or download information through GPRS network for payment or access control functions. As mentioned above, users can send specific formats of text messages to the housekeeper's mobile phone to control the housekeeper's access to the residence.

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The practical application of RFID products:

There are three main types of applications of RFID technology: passive RFID products, active RFID products and semi-active RFID products.

1. Passive RFID products are the earliest, most mature and most widely used products in the market. For example, bus cards, canteen cards, bank cards, Hotel access cards, second-generation ID cards and so on, which can be seen everywhere in our daily life, belongs to the close contact identification category.

2. Active RFID products, whose long-distance automatic identification characteristics determine their huge application space and market potential. In the field of remote automatic identification, such as intelligent prison, intelligent hospital, intelligent parking lot, intelligent transportation, intelligent city, intelligent earth and Internet of Things, there are important applications. Active RFID is emerging in this field and belongs to the category of remote automatic identification.

3. Semi-active RFID products, combined with the advantages of active RFID products and passive RFID products, make microwave 2.45G play an advantage under the trigger of LF 125KHZ RFID tag frequency. Semi-active RFID technology, also known as low-frequency activation trigger technology, uses low-frequency close-range accurate positioning, microwave remote identification and uploading data to solve the functions that can not be achieved by pure active and passive RFID.

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Simply put, they are short-range activation positioning, long-range identification and uploading data. This product combines the advantages of active and passive RFID. It has great advantages in access control management, accurate positioning of personnel, regional positioning management, perimeter management, electronic fence and security alarm.

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