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Passive nfc Tag

What is the Difference between NFC Passive Tag and Active Tag?

If you follow the developments in the RFID technology in the tech industry on a regular basis, then you might be aware about the term NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication. RFID has been in the news for last few years and the way it has helped in accessing so many systems is remarkable. These RFID tags come in two varieties, active tags and passive tags. NFC tag is usually A NFC passive tag, which is used to communicate

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RFID hotel key card

Why Hotels Use Key Cards Instead of Keys?

Most of us have used the hotel key card at least once in our lives. It is something we are all too familiar with. But why the hotel key card instead of the key? What are the types of hotel key cards? How does it work? If you are curious about these questions, we might as well find the answers together. Hotel key card is very important for a hotel. Not only is it a key tool for guests to

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